304 Crossing Lines

by robert.squires

306 pages numbering

by Calypso

307 Symbol of coil (style)

by Morganol

308 Cross referencing symbols

by Morganol

310 Crasch Qelectrotech

by Calypso

312 Arrows move

by shestipal

313 snap to grid

by jrfml

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319 Element Size restriction

by shestipal

320 Localization strings

by OSSau2mation

322 Ability conductor size less than 1

by timbul_widodo

323 Center cross junction ellipse

by timbul_widodo

325 Moving elements

by ekbbastiaan

326 version 4559

by shooter

327 Line colours

by jonnie_r

328 Missing element

by Aleksandr

329 Interface Language

by Janko Weber