QElectroTech is a free software to create electric diagrams. QElectroTech, or QET in short, is currently available in version 0.90.

License and availability

QElectroTech is under GNU/GPL license. It is currently available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


See the page Features and roadmap.

They support us:


Soliton Controles Industriais Ltda:

Soliton is an Brazilian engineering company that for more than 30 years is acting in the market
of industrial automation, specializing in frequency inverters, direct current and servo drives,
PLC and human/machine interfaces.
Soliton is highly specialized in web tension control for film, foil, pulp and paper machines, extruders, printers, slitters,
rewinders etc.

They participate in the code development and translation of QElectroTech to brazilian portuguese.


C-Born Engineering:

C-Born Software Systems is an Australian consulting engineering company.

For over 25 years C-Born Software Systems has created quality integrated hardware and software solutions for manufacturing industries around the world.
C-Born consulting engineering company with expertise in a wide range of technologies, from embedded microprocessor control, real time operating systems,
through large supervisory systems using web-based front ends, databases, SCADA systems and PLCs.

They participate in the code development for DXF export.


Open source ecosystems for better engineering

About Our Vision and Mission.

Modern engineering requires a multitude of specialist software tools.
But as of yet, this “toolchain” consists almost entirely of commercially developed application programs, which,
increasingly can only be procured through expensive subscription models. Furthermore, their publishers try to drive.
customers into dependence through non-open (proprietary) file formats and cloud platforms (vendor lock-in).

We envision a world where all tools are intercompatible and have respective open formats..

Linergy Engineering GmbH:

Linergy is a Germany-based company, specializing in lithium-ion battery systems.

Since 2012, Linergy has been developing and producing battery systems for high-tech applications for e-mobility,
energy storage solutions, medical engineering and robotics.
We are a reliable and customer-oriented partner for many technology companies in the fields of planning and development
of battery powered products for industry and retail.

They participate in the Snap packaging.