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Direct contributors

The QElectroTech project currently counts several active members :


Our packagers are:

Note: The Debian packages, Ubuntu PPA, MAC OS X as well as the Windows one, are made by Laurent.

Note: The Slackware packages are made by David.

Note: The MAC OS X packages are made by Yoann or Laurent.


If you have any question regarding QElectroTech, you can ask on our forum.

IRC Channel

You can also join us on the QElectroTech-dedicated IRC channel:

Technical choices

Here are the technical choices for QElectroTech's developement:

Current state of QElectroTech's development

The 0.90 version of QElectroTech was released on 2023/1/06. QElectroTech follows its route towards the 0.100.0 version.

The development follows the classical way of free projects. Sources are freely accessible, the program can be executed, modified and redistributed under the same license.

Joining the QElectroTech project

If you're interested in joining the QElectroTech project, just send a mail explaining your skills and your motivations to:

We are notably interested by: