2019-07-21 06:43 CEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000170    otherminorresolved (black_sun)2019-07-03qelectrotech -v crashe QET
  000016861 Diagram Editorcrashresolved2019-04-03El programa se cierra de forma repentina.
  00001671   otherblockresolved (black_sun_2012)2019-02-10Crash ├ęditeur de cartouche
  000016621 otherfeatureresolved (black_sun_2012)2018-11-25Make path to user defined templates configurable
  00001651   Diagram Editorcrashresolved2018-08-22QElectroTech crashes with segement fault
  00001112   Diagram Editorfeatureresolved2018-08-06Variables logging actual file saving would be nice
  000016231 translationtrivialresolved2018-07-16Missing translation
  0000150406 Diagram Editormajorresolved2018-03-29monitor scale
  00001462   Diagram Editorminorresolved (black_sun)2018-03-29NUMBERING CABLE AFTER NEX PAGE CONTINUE POTENTIAL
  00000871   Diagram Editorminorresolved (black_sun)2018-03-29Conductor labels should better be front of conductors
  0000153113 Diagram Editorminorassigned (black_sun_2012)2018-03-08DXF Export
  000015432 Diagram Editorminorresolved (black_sun_2012)2018-03-01mouse scroll
  00001447   Diagram Editorblockresolved (black_sun_2012)2017-10-24Previous folio and next folio does not work
  0000139 1 Diagram Editorminorresolved2017-05-173x "not a valid widget" during compile
  00001141   Diagram Editorfeatureresolved2017-02-14Wish: Ability to set prefixes for custom collection
  0000117    Diagram Editorminorresolved2017-01-12Autoconnecting elmt from collection overwrites conductor network funct & tension with folio defaults
  000007262 otherminorresolved2017-01-12Crash when quit
  000012531 Diagram Editorcrashresolved2017-01-02Crash after moved element of element
  000012621 Diagram Editorcrashresolved2017-01-02Crash deleting slave element and formula visible at master, debug screenshot
  00001292   Diagram Editorcrashresolved2017-01-02Delete one of master/slave, move the other -> Crash
  00001302   Diagram Editorcrashresolved2017-01-02Crash when closing project without saving, after deleting folioref
  00001153   Diagram Editorfeatureresolved2016-11-20Make master&slave elements xref clickable ( like folio referencing links are )
  00000842   Diagram Editorminorresolved2016-11-17It always segmentation faults at normal shutdown
  000011331 Diagram Editormajorresolved2016-11-17Clicking a wide element makes panels go wide
  000009221 Diagram Editorminorresolved2016-11-15"%id(%total)" do not resolve in project list nor parts list, but on folio
  000010042 Diagram Editorcrashresolved2016-11-12Crash when saving * With debug screenshot *
  0000053    Diagram Editorminorresolved (scorpio810)2016-10-22Save icons are mixed
  00000483   Diagram Editorfeatureresolved (scorpio810)2016-10-22date format
  000007672 Diagram Editortextresolved (scorpio810)2016-10-22Same text used 2 different places
  000010732 Diagram Editorcrashresolved2016-10-22Here is a method to create ghost conductor that crashes editor when saving
  000009611 Element Editortextresolved2016-10-20Meaning is reversed in the warning of missing terminal
  000009832 Element Editorcrashresolved (black_sun)2016-10-12Crash when closing Element editor * With debug screenshot *
  0000094 1 Diagram Editortextresolved2016-10-11The "Edit text" dialog button "Insert line" should be "Insert Link"
  0000093    Diagram Editortextresolved2016-10-11English menu "Project" > "Export a nomenclature" should be "Export parts list"
  00000817   Diagram Editorminorresolved (scorpio810)2016-10-05Picture insert file choose dialog do not display *.jpeg files
  000008811 Diagram Editortextresolved (scorpio810)2016-10-05Misspelled word in "Configure QElectrotech" dialog
  00000861   Diagram Editorminorresolved (scorpio810)2016-10-04In Collections pane, right click element, select "Open underlying folder" -> tries smb://
  000008511 Diagram Editortrivialresolved (scorpio810)2016-10-03Translation, english; Edit conductor properties dialog have "Taille" instead of "Width"
  000007031 otherminorresolved (black_sun)2015-01-26Plantage qeletrotech V4RC2 svn3624
  00000652   Diagram Editorcrashresolved (scorpio810)2013-06-25Fail to open project: Thank you for your patience
  00000663   Element Editorblockresolved (black_sun)2013-06-12don't save symbol if hotspost is framed
  0000054    Diagram Editorminorresolved2013-06-06Label of a conductor is not free movable