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0000308QElectroTechotherpublic2024-07-07 10:32
ReporterBisku Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformHP Firefly 14 Gen 11OSWindows 11 Pro (64-bit) 
Summary0000308: Preset for date is not saved
DescriptionI open the pre-settings for a new project and active the option for the actual date as a new preset. However, that option will not be saved. Every new project will be created without a date information on each folie.
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2024-07-03 12:21

administrator   ~0000728

Last edited: 2024-07-03 12:26

I can't reproduce the bug, the change was in the config menu -> configure QET -> new project?


2024-07-07 09:53

reporter   ~0000729

Thanks for clarification. I didn't know that a restart is necessary to make new settings works.
Works as intended after a restart.


2024-07-07 10:32

administrator   ~0000730

That is very strange, here on my Debian or In Windows 11 on my laptop (Win/Kubuntu boot) no need to restart program, same thing with readyToUse version.

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