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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000332   Diagram Editortweakresolved2015-03-20Problème de rafraichissements lors de déplacements / rotations d'objets
  0000063    translationminorresolved2015-03-20use enum QKeySequence::StandardKey instead of manual hotkey strings like "Ctrl+Q"
  0000068    Diagram Editorcrashresolved2015-03-20segfault sur deplacement collection embarquée
  00000691   othermajorresolved2015-03-20don't compile v0.3a and v0.3b
  00000623   otherblockresolved (scorpio810)2015-03-20Erreur de création de librairie avec QT 4.8.4
  00000714   otherminorresolved2015-03-20install latest qelectrotech on ubuntu 14.04
  000007031 otherminorresolved (black_sun)2015-01-26Plantage qeletrotech V4RC2 svn3624
  00000642   Diagram Editorfeatureresolved (scorpio810)2013-06-25add accelerator key for &Undo
  00000652   Diagram Editorcrashresolved (scorpio810)2013-06-25Fail to open project: Thank you for your patience
  00000572   Element Editortextresolved (jonasstein)2013-06-14RFC How to translate "éléments" and "sheme"?
  00000503   Libraries of elementsminorresolved (scorpio810)2013-06-12gentoo packager is not yet mentioned on http://qelectrotech.org/contact.html : packagers
  00000663   Element Editorblockresolved (black_sun)2013-06-12don't save symbol if hotspost is framed
  0000047    Libraries of elementsminorresolved2013-06-09Bug in Bugtracker: Category is localized to french language
  0000054    Diagram Editorminorresolved2013-06-06Label of a conductor is not free movable
  0000051    Diagram Editorminorresolved2013-06-03never use space before ":" in captions
  00000421   Diagram Editorblockresolved2013-06-02[Polishage de l'application]
  00000432   Libraries of elementscrashresolved2013-06-02Erreur acces mémoire lors du rafraichissement aprés déplacement d'un élement
  00000464   Libraries of elementsminorresolved2013-06-02???
  00000314   Diagram Editorcrashresolved2013-06-02segfault
  00000382   Libraries of elementsblockresolved (xavier)2012-02-16Téléchargement fichiers elements
  00000341   Diagram Editorblockresolved (xavier)2011-10-09surcharge RAM
  00000242   Diagram Editorminorresolved (xavier)2009-07-31Bug dans la permutation des schémas dans un projet
  00000202   Element Editorcrashresolved (xavier)2009-04-18gestion de la ram