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Summary0000192: QET 0,8
DescriptionGood day. In the program version 0.8, I drew the simplest power scheme for the garage from the pillar. Printed on two printers: laser HP LJ P1005 and ink jet Canon Pichma 3300. In both cases, the top (in landscape orientation) frame line is not printed. I struggled with the page settings in the program and in printers - it was useless. He killed a bunch of paper. What to do?
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2020-06-25 08:11

administrator   ~0000422

Good day.
Maybe create a PDF and print after if PDF is okay.


2020-06-25 23:22

reporter   ~0000423

There is no export to PDF. I tried to print BMP, JPG, PNG it turns out, but the print quality is poor. Elements have a point structure.


2020-06-26 11:51

administrator   ~0000424


2020-06-28 20:49

reporter   ~0000425

Last edited: 2020-06-28 20:50

scorpio810. Thank you friend! To get acquainted with QET, I used the Russian version 0.4 description. There is no about PDF. And in English I'm a sucker. I use Google translator.

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