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0000197QElectroTechElement Editorpublic2020-08-03 17:31
ReporterMarkusGreim Assigned To 
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Summary0000197: Arrows in the Element Editor on all lines, not only on the selected one
DescriptionVersion nightly built.
QElectroTech V 0.80-DEV+2b754cffbd79751d3

  1. draw a line element.
  2. select this element
  3. select an arrow as line end.
THEN not only the selected arrow get an arrow, but also
the last drawn or touched line element. Some times more then one
element is affected
Steps To Reproducedraw a line element
draw another line element
select the last line element
select an arrow as line end.
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2020-07-31 15:09

reporter   ~0000434

I can confirm the issue. It's affect more line's widgets, and probably others part primitives.
I'm studing the logic of the style editor. Maybe I will stumble over the solution.


2020-07-31 21:44

reporter   ~0000435

line 49
QList <CustomElementPart *> m_cep_list;


2020-08-01 11:00

reporter   ~0000436

Last edited: 2020-08-01 11:01

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1º) Include the statement
on line 482 of the styleeditor.cpp file

2º) Comment the lines 128 and 139 of the lineeditor.cpp
		//style_ -> setPart(nullptr);
		//style_ -> setPart(part);
And so on all editors, because they are launching a redundant execution of the setPart method in styleeditor.


2020-08-03 16:23

reporter   ~0000437

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