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0000304QElectroTechotherpublic2024-05-09 17:38
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PlatformAMD Ryzen 2700X/32GB/1TB-SSDOSWindows 10OS Version0.9
Summary0000304: Lock/unlock for moving text fields that have a reference to a component.
DescriptionHi, could you add an option via a button or hot key that ensures that only the component moves together with the text and not the text alone moves on the component when it is locked.

I often have the problem that the selection only takes the text and then moves it and the component does not move, here it would be good if you can lock and unlock the individual selection of the text when drawing.
This would allow you to move the component together with the text when the lock is active and the component designation etc. would still be at the same distance from each other after moving.
If the lock is deactivated, you can move the text or component designation individually.

I know this function from Eplan, where property texts can only be moved if they have been released beforehand with the hotkey ‘Move property texts [Ctrl] + [B]’. It would be cool if this could also be linked to texts that are stored in the component.

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