OK you said i know how to report bugs nomicons/wink
"For elements and templates, use localised names regardless if QET interface is translated or not..."

scorpio810 wrote:

For me, you have the profil (run Gnu/Linux, little know now svn, know how to report bug in Mantis bug tracker) for join team as Swedish translator, you 're welcome. nomicons/grin

Thank you for that trust
I am however already top loaded with both work and free project jobs (mainly Mageia tester)
I have already taken extra load on myself switching to use QET and feedbacking on it, etc nomicons/smile

Maybe later, however nomicons/smile

Until then i will just cannibalise on the <en> tag and/or use swedish .emt filenames...
-got to get jobs done!

My system (Mageia6 Linux, Plasma 5) is set to swedish.
If i make a template and enter texts for only language sv that text is used.
But is i also enter an en line the en is shown instead.

For elements it is similar but worse: en is preferred regardless if i have a line for sv or not, and if i only have a line for sv, like this in the .elmt file:

        <name lang="sv">Spole m diagonal slav CLOSING</name>

Then the collections pane instead show the filename.

I also have tried se instead of sv.

Do i have to tell it somewhere to prefer sv language? -  How and where?

Hi Yuri
I can happily send you symbols when I am satisfied with the project.
Beware though that i mostly create them like i want, which is by a combined frustration and experience from looking at too many completely different looking "standards" and programs...  So the are probably rather "personal" and "unique" colored by my own taste.

I have no experince of designing and using of PID symbols (except from reading diagrams with them)

I would be very happy if implemented.
Anything that enhances clarity minimises mistakes of designer, producer, and service, and saves them all time.
And less need to flip pages also contributes to both nomicons/smile

You can not for slave elements

...but for the master?
Please tell/show how nomicons/smile

I could not see how that would reach my goal better than my attempt above...?
but i may have missed something as i do not understand french (Tried also google translate, but... )

Let me explain by example what I really want.
See top row of the last screen-shot I posted above;

On each slave i want to put a short visible descriptive label;
on the switch "sw top pos", on the valves "coil down" and "coil up" respectively.
I then want those texts to show up automatically at the master together with slave coordinates, like this:

sw top pos : 1-A3
coil down : 1-A5
coil up : 1-A7 

On the master i want to put a descriptive label like "Lifter Unit" optimally placed right below the main label, before xref list.  So now it looks like this:  (large typeface emulated by me using spaces)

 C V 1 5
Lifter unit
sw top pos : 1-A3
coil down : 1-A5
coil up : 1-A7

... I then want all connected slaves to display that description too, i.e for the switch placed like this:

 C V 1 5
Lifter Unit

Edit to make it visually complete:
As said at 1) above the switch also show:

sw top pos



1)  Is it possible to make slaves inherit and display more variables from the master, than just the label ?
- It would be nice to add a couple word descriptions that get synced between master and slaves.

2) Is it possible to tighten the distances between labels and references;
I.e top left in previous image: between to get "(1-B9)" immediately below "CV15"
And in the masters have the annotation directly under the xrefs.
- Would be more beautiful and easier to read (better see what belongs)

Trick to make it list what kind of slaves it is:
Use the existing system to get prefixes in cross ref:

1) Set master elements to be type "Switch/button"
2) Set slaves to be Power or Delayed to be referenced like "Coil:" / "MoCyl:"
(and use NO or NC type switch depending on in which column you want it listed,
could be used for differentiating opening and closing valve pilot solenoids)
For "Signal:" use Normal type switch (change over) (it will always be listed in both columns)
3) Set up use of prefixes for "Switches":
Right click project in tree
  Project Properties
    New Folio
      Cross references
Type: select "Switches"
[x] show power contaxts in cross
Set prefixes:
Power contacts : "Coil:" (and set Coil slaves to identify as Power contact)
Delayed: "MoCyl:" (and set motor & cylinder to identify as Change Over contact)
Change Over: "Signal:" (and set sensors slaves slaves to identify as Delayed contact)

Auxiliary NO or NC contacts can still be used and do not get prefixes.

Little problems
"Signal:" parts get listed in both crossref columns
2: An Aux change over contact get
"Signal:" prefix
3: I can not use Switches type master for anything else than Aux or they will get the prefixes

Selecting options like you propose makes it show only the label, and that mean less clutter.

But I did like shown because i want indications of where all other parts are.

(It is a bit misleading listing all related parts with contact symbols though)

So I am playing with prefixes...  I will paste another screenshot soon...


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Then add a textfield, select it, and in the information panel select the tag "label" like so:


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robert.squires wrote:

Second I was always missing a text called 'tagg'

You mean this message when trying to save your element?

OK thanks that is one way to do it nomicons/smile
I want something less easy to foul up.
I have been experimenting with making master and slave symbols for representing the same part in elecric, pneumatic and mechanical drawing.
The way i think is that user and service personnel first look at the process drawing; the "big stuff" in the hall.
So i made the process parts master.
Say you have a process valve, operated pneumatically, and with electric feedback:
The valve is on process drawing, with a list of linked items positions, and annotation
On the electrical drawing are the valves position switches,
And on pneumatic drawing is the actuator part of the valve - and they all have same label nomicons/smile
Then there is the piloting/control valve that have its master part on pneumatic drawing, and coil on electric drawing.
I can also divide sensors in two parts: part with the measurement connection, and the electric connection part.
Or a valve with servo motor separated.
A 5/3 valve with two coils have naturally two coils in electric drawing.
Complex valves/actuators may have more tan one actuator and more than one feedback
I could have mechanical drawings too, floor plans where process parts locations are indicated...
Still playing and learning...

At least this system i use, tend to respond a bit sluggish if i let make use all cores.
So to not lead someone into troubles, i stated one less jobs than cores.
It is a matter of taste.

Thank you for checking nomicons/smile
I used the correct command locally but forgot to update wiki!

I have not (yet) made many standard type electric drawings.
But i have made plenty circuit boards, some pneumatic, fluid, mechanics.

In those technologies the common symbol for a coil is a rectangle with a diagonal line.
(like it also is in QElectroTech symbols for coils on valves)
I believe that also on the electrical drawing i have seen coils often have diagonal lines.

So why are separate coils drawn without that diagonal line in QET symbols for electrical drawings?
(but with the usual diagonal line in valves coils)

Tradition? Standard?

I would like coils to look the same on my drawings for circuit boards, pneumatic, fluid, mechanics, and electric power.
So think i should make my own coil symbol in QET.
Pretty easy it is.
(Except i have yet no idea about crosslinking, but i already asked that in other post)

A simple empty square is normally used for functions that do not have a symbol in the program and functions are then described in comment text.  For me, having lots of empty squares on the drawing is... odd.

So why did i make this post?
Just to hear how other people think about this style nomicons/smile

Is there already a trick to cross reference "anything"?
It would be nice to cross reference:

  • a coil on the electrical drawing, with the corresponding valve on the pneumatic or fluid drawing

  • a motor with its position and end travel sensors

  • a motor with its driven compressor/pump/fan


Linking a coil with valve is logically the same trick linking coil with switch, and as useful nomicons/smile

If such such general trick, do not exist i can probably copy/edit them into cross ref types...

I found the button in the Element editor (picture)
I think i figured out Master/Slave...
But how do we use the three lower types in dropdown list?

I have found some videos (not watched through all...) and also the documentation for version 0.4
Is there some unfinished somewhat usable documentation of later version?

I am learning...

I can link coils and contacts.
It seems though, that power contacts are not listed under the coils, see picture.
I guess that is a bug?
Can i edit the contact element somehow to get it working?

QET revision 4728

Nuri wrote:

set them by default to show up initially centered on conductors.

In my opinion not a good idea because it is not the common way electrical drawings are made for industry standards.
Industrial wiring diagriams are monochrom only, as far as I know from my experience.
Colored conductors are only used for overview drawings or for small plants or machines (from 1 to about 10 folios).

I agree with all that nomicons/smile
Factory default should still be labels at side of conductor.

Would like to be able as user to change the default per project.

I only do coloured detail drawings when i have time, and i set colours while building prototype.  As I often make special machines that should be easy to find around in, coloured wires help, and having same on paper drawing ease it. (it is quicker to design it using letters  wht, yel, grn, gry etc, but quicker and less error prone to read a coloured drawing.)

However, this default is a minor detail.

The problem is point 1) ; wires overlaps text so it is hard to read, setting text on wires instead, would help.

When moving a conductor
(or moving an element so conductors follow)
then the conductor labels follow
Most often not not if i have adjusted label position i.e to center or other side of conductor.

This may be intentional behaviour and not a bug, but i think it would be much better if the label would be moved relative; follow the move of the conductor.
This is what i am use to from other editors.

Currently, moving elements around "scatters" conductor labels around in some chaotic order...

Thinking... Maybe it would be best internally solved by storing separately how much user have moved labels it from default position, so it can always recalculate new position from current conductor position and that ofset, and need not keep track and update at high speed.

=> https://qelectrotech.org/bugtracker/view.php?id=89

I like to draw dense (to avoid confusion of flipping many pages...)
And often most wires are coloured (signals in control system)
To read colours reliably, it seem to be good to set width to larger than one.
A problem is that wires are drawn over the labels making them hard to read.

1) Would it be possible to make labels print on top of conductors instead?
( i can not think of any negative side effect )

2) I know i can move the labels... easy really - and holding down ctrl i can position without grid snap.
- But it would be convenient if it was possible to be able to set them by default to show up initially centered on conductors.

Yes i noticed after reading through...
I updated my manual instruction http://wiki.mageia.org/en/QElectroTech instead

Yoann seem to do a lot more than needed for just local build on Linux, but i will pick the good parts nomicons/smile later.

Hi. This is my second first post here so it is time to introduce myself:
I am self educated, and have a one man company mostly into industrial automation controls; repairing, upgrading, designing, building, machines, programming PLCs, designing cirquit boards... Sometimes complete machines, sometimes a part or a model... Sometimes i "only" investigate.  But currently i am mostly a part of a team of other enthusiasts building a testing scale bio reactor.

I started learning QElectroTech this week and think it is a very nice program,and will use this in part of this project.
I have not used electricians schematic programs before, but have designed cirquit boards using CadsoftEagle
Different... and similar.

I understand it is a rather quickly evolving program.

I wrote this instruction on how to locally compile latest version (trunk) on my preferred OS Mageia 6 (in development), to help others there, as there seem to be quite a bit of improvement from latest stable release 0.50. : http:// wiki.mageia.org/en/QElectroTech  
(sorry i could not make it a link as the interface then said i had two links which is not allowed?!)

1) Is there an easy way to know when there is a newer revision, except by downloading it all again?
1b) How can I update only the changes files instead of retrieving all files?
(I am brand new to svn...)

2) Do you know when will 0.51 be released?  ( if soon, we could possibly include in Mageia 6 release, it currently have 0.50. To me 0.51-trunk seem good enough already )

I am a newbie here, but had the same thought.
These kinds of safety devices disconnects both L and N to one or more consumers
(often a group of fuses divide L after this switch, while N is undivided to all those consumers)

When the switch opens, the N net is disconnected from the other N net.
.. and the same is true for that part of that L net.
Maybe that could be named L1a and Na.
I am not electrician (i do cirquit boards) so i do not know how that is solved normally on this kinds of drawings...