Topic: Symbol of coil (style)

I have not (yet) made many standard type electric drawings.
But i have made plenty circuit boards, some pneumatic, fluid, mechanics.

In those technologies the common symbol for a coil is a rectangle with a diagonal line.
(like it also is in QElectroTech symbols for coils on valves)
I believe that also on the electrical drawing i have seen coils often have diagonal lines.

So why are separate coils drawn without that diagonal line in QET symbols for electrical drawings?
(but with the usual diagonal line in valves coils)

Tradition? Standard?

I would like coils to look the same on my drawings for circuit boards, pneumatic, fluid, mechanics, and electric power.
So think i should make my own coil symbol in QET.
Pretty easy it is.
(Except i have yet no idea about crosslinking, but i already asked that in other post)

A simple empty square is normally used for functions that do not have a symbol in the program and functions are then described in comment text.  For me, having lots of empty squares on the drawing is... odd.

So why did i make this post?
Just to hear how other people think about this style nomicons/smile

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Re: Symbol of coil (style)


In my job I see commonly coils only as rectangle without diagonal lines.
In the commercial software Eplan P8, coils are also without diagonal lines.

But I've already seen some coils with diagonal lines in older documentations.
So... It doesn't really matter... I draw coils witout diagonal line.

If you are new to QElectroTech, it would be really usefull to check the youtube channel for some demonstration videos:
and maybe take a look to the online manual: