61 inserting a picture

by Calypso


by rpirela

64 Previous and next folio

by b.w.v.leeuwen

68 Update on edit

by eslavko

74 software simply shuts off

by tools.dev.trash

75 Project Scale

by gleissoncg2

77 Auto-save recovery file

by b.w.v.leeuwen

78 QElectroTech craches

by hovel

79 Auto-Save?

by George.Hawryluk

80 Collection Graphics Misaligment

by George.Hawryluk

83 List of folio

by aesteves

84 Find elements (ctr-F)

by polygon13

87 Multiple connectors Editing

by Pingumann

89 Elements with wrong colors ...

by gleissoncg2

90 Exporting cable numbers

by jonnie_r