On the subject of scaling I see two inconsistencies in the current graphic elements.
With respect to DIN-Rail mounted elements:

1. Within one element the scaling factor is different for the horizontal and vertical dimension.
    Schneider Electric    DomA45C16   
    real dimension mm   (81 x 18)       
    qet dimension px      (200 x 40)   
    scaling factors          (2,47 x 2,22)

2. For different elements when real vertical dimension is different the qet dimension is for all the same.
    Schneider Electric    DomA42C16    dimension mm (H x W) 81 x 36    qet dimension (200 x 80)
    Schneider Electric    R9F64220        dimension mm (H x W) 85 x 36    qet dimension (200 x 80)
The height is different but in QET they are all set to 200 px.
I guess i looks better when all elements on a din-rail have the same height. Maybe also easier to allign elements on the din-rail.

Just things to take into account.

Herzliche Glückwünsche. Sehr gut gemacht.

Ich habe selbst einige MDT-Elemente (5) für eine von uns durchgeführte Hausinstallation erstellt. Ich habe eine andere Skala verwendet, die ich nicht hätte tun sollen.  Ihre Arbeit ist vollständig und schöner.

Einige Fragen / Bemerkungen.

1. Die Position, an der die neuen Elemente eingefügt wurden, ist seltsam.
    Die aktuellen grafischen Elemente für die DIN-Schienenmontage sind in der Verzweigung:
    Elektrisch => Grafik => Thumbnails für Montageplan => Thumbnails für Montageplatte => MDT ...
        (Einschließlich zwei alter MDT-Elemente)
    Die neuen KNX MDT-Elemente (Ihre) werden in der Verzweigung platziert:
    Elektro => Hersteller artikles => MDT ...

    Ich denke, diese neuen MDT-Elemente sollten in der vorherigen Karte enthalten sein: Miniaturansichten für die Montageplatte => MDT ...

2. In Bezug auf die Skalierung. Ich denke, die von Ihnen verwendete Skalierung ist in Ordnung.
    Ich hatte einen Quick Check. Die wichtigsten grafischen Elemente im Ordner "Miniaturansichten für Montageplatte" (für DIN-Schienenmontage) verwenden dieselbe Skalierung wie Sie. (General Electric, Hager, Legrand, ABB, MDT, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Finder, Delta Dore)

3. Nur eine Frage. Für den Text auf den Geräten verwenden Sie für jede neue Zeile ein neues Feld. Gibt es einen Grund dafür?
    In meinen Elementen verwende ich ein zusammengesetztes Textfeld, um mehrzeiligen Text in ein Feld einzufügen.

Glückwunsch nochmals.

This works in Dynamic text fields where you set the Source of text to: Composite text.

I would like to build/test/debug Qelectrotech under QTcreator or Eclipse in Linux.
How do I get started.
I have Linux Mageia 7.2

I have no experiance with QTcreator. I have some experiance with Eclipse debugging PHP on windows.

I have a project with 6 tabs/pages.

When I open the project I expect all pages to have the same size. This is not the case.

- page 1 = reference
- page 2 smaller than page 1 and shifted right.
- page 3,4 & 6 smaller then page 1
- page 5 smaller than page 1,3,4 & 6 and there is a top and left marging which is not there in the other pages.

It is not e big deal but irritating. Can this be helped?
This happens only with his project.  Other projects do not have this issue.

See attached picture.

There is an other problem relating to printing.

On the print settings page when you want to change the layout, e.g. the margins, if you click ok the page orientation of the preview changes to portrait even though landscape was marked. At this point the buttons portrait & landscape do not do what they are suppost to do.
The resulting printout is landscape orientation but the size of folio is what you would get on a portrait layout, the landscape page is not completely filled.

When one does the printout a second time everything is ok.

What happened with:

Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Mageia

    nightly auto builder

The last one is from 2020-09-01. More than a month ago.

I did check the settings. That option was/is not checked. The only thing I did was to install the latest version of qet.

It is OK now after this:
- I checked the option "Number the title block columns from 0" -> No difference.
- I unchecked it again, as it was before, -> Now the numbering starts from 1 = ok.

Strange but ok now.

The grid numbering of my existing projets start counting from 0 in stead of from 1.

Since latest version:

QElectroTech V 0.80-DEV+dfadcb552d79751d3
Compilation : GCC 9.3.0
Built with Qt 5.15.0 - Date : Aug 25 2020 : 10:54:23
Run with Qt 5.15.0 using 4 thread(s)
RAM Total : 8075 MB
RAM Available : 4419 MB
GPU : VideoProcessor Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
GPU RAM : RAM Total : AdapterRAM 1073741824 B
OS : winnt - x86_64 - Version : Windows 10 Version 2004 - Kernel : 10.0.19041
*** Qt screens ***
( 1 : 1366 x 768 )

Albert wrote:

I assume that Multiline conductors may only be connected to all-pole elements from the QET Collection, and Single line conductors only to single pole elements. Is that correct?

No. Any conductor type can be connected to any element.

Most probably I have a different understanding of Multi and Single line than the developers intended. Can anybody please point me to some info clarifying the concept?

Yes you probably have.
- Single line sceme: means that all conductors leading up to a device are represented by one single line. (line, neutral and earth). A symbol or a number next to the line indicate how many wires there are represented by the single line.

- Multi line sceme:  means that every conductor is shown individualy.

Probably the same problem as this: Element editor problem

font_size of dynamic text created with an older version of QET are not recognised and incorrectly displayed in the newer versions of QET.
The same element however is correctly displayed in a project.

See attached file for example.

The part in the element file (old file 2018/11/18)  which is not recognised is:

<dynamic_text font_size="3" y="70" Valignment="AlignTop" text_from="CompositeText" z="145" text_width="-1" frame="false" dynamicitemfont="Sans Serif" x="22.8426" Halignment="AlignLeft" rotation="0" uuid="{bf2de0ba-4ad3-447c-a15c-28b61eee88f8}">
            <text>AKS-0416.03  C-Last
Schaltaktor 4fach
230VAC / 16AX </text>
            <composite_text>AKS-0416.03  C-Last
Schaltaktor 4fach
230VAC / 16AX </composite_text>

It is ok again. Thank you for the fast response.

I feel stupid. I cannot find a font policy settings! I see several font settings but when I change a font nothinh is changed on the project. I also see no difference in setting between the latest and the previous DEV version.

Yesterday I installed the latest DEV version. I was surprised to see that the quality of the project sheet content has deteriorated, especially when zooming in. It looks like when vector graphics are replaced with bitmap graphics.

Am I doing somthing wrong?

See attachment, first the new version then the previous one.

- It was only an example about version 0.80. It (auto save) also happens with version 0.70 .

- It should not be called backup-copy but auto save, if that is what is does.
- It should not be marked [changed] if there is no change.

1. When I open an existing project, for reading only, it is marked [changed] even though nothing has been changed!
When I close the project I am asked to save the changes (there are none!) or to discard. I choose discard of course.
This is illogical and misleading to say the least.

2. When I open an existing project, for reading only, after 10 minutes it is automatically saved even though nothing has changed!
After this the mark [changed] is gone.

This fault is probably caused by a combination of point 1 and the setting to make a backup copy every 10 minutes!

Maybe the phrase backup copy should be changed to auto save , and even then the save should only happen when something has really changed.

Today I opened an existing project for reading with QET version 0.80. After that I could not open the project anymore with QET version 0.70 because it had been saved (incorrectly) by a newer version of QET.

J'ai le même phénomène.Cette situation ne se produit que lorsque vous démarrez qet en double-cliquant sur un fichier .qet.

QET version:
[size=4]QElectroTech V 0.70-RC1+svn5918
Compilatie: GCC 8.3.0 - built with Qt 5.12.3 - run with Qt 5.12.3 using 4 thread(s)

Morganol wrote:

Can you tell us a bit of what system you use?

My system is: Windows 10 Home, Version 1803, Build 17134.228.

If you start it from command line, is there any messages when it crashes?

No message at all. It just stops.

Oh by the way:
Welcome to the club 20x20


If QET is already open the good way to open an project is by menu file -> Open, or latest files.

Indeed that is the way I normally do it. But I had a situation where i found it easier to just doubleclik the files I wanted to open.

I am using QElectroTech V 0.70-dev+svn5495.
When QElectroTech is open and I doubleclick a file ....qet,the program crashes without a message. It just disappears. When I open QElectroTech again a message appears that a repair file exist and if I want to open it.