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How has the pdf in german been done? I have tried to built the CS documentation in pdf, currently we only have it in html, and I have still not been able.

I have problems with the rst2pdf package to choose a language different to the default english.


In New Folio section from project properties I have set the multiline conductor properties and once the conductor is created, only the display text is set, I use the text formula %autonum for text and all the rest  of variables are text. The Function, Voltage/Protocol and conductor section are not set at the generated conductors.

I am using QElectroTech V 0.80-DEV+364012848 AppImage on Ubuntu 20. Is it there any bug or I am not using QElectroTech correctly?

After testing the new nomenclature feature I have a question/proposal which I would like to discuss in the forum.

Electrical projects provides summary, schemas, components layouts, component list, cable list, signal list, etc. At this moment there is job made for summary, component layouts, component list, terminal blocks and the work for a cable list is going forward.

Related to the signal list and export signals to csv, I have not found any work made at this moment. Some representations of signals that I am use to read can be found at the image attached. Some of them can be found at PLC manufacturer (ex.: Siemens) webpage. The element editor allows creating this type of representation, the actual problem is to manage the elements as other CAE tools.

My question/proposal is if QElectroTech could have some elements type more. I propose to have at least the card and signal element. A card would be a group of signals. Adding this two elements more, once the user creates/export a nomenclature filtering with signals elements would create a list of signals from the single signals added plus the signals from each card added. Additionally a list of cards could also be done separated.

Nice to have would be to allow slave elements to the signals and cards for identifying the signals at the PLC, micro-controller or card layout.

A signal should be a class with, at least, the properties:

- Type: digital or analogical
- Direction: input or output
- Label
- Description
- Card/device
- Voltage/Protocol/Current

A card should be a class with, at least, the properties:

- Type: digital or analogical
- Direction: input or output
- Label
- Description
- Card/device
- Voltage/Protocol/Current
- Number of signals

If you are convince on the proposal and you are interested on a deeper discussion, I am opened to participate on it. I think this idea is not generating many changes on the code.


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Now the documentation is updated.

I have seen that at the end you have updated to manual link text from the forum to the documentation, perfect detail


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Thanks for the F5 input.

Nevertheless, some images have not been uploaded from github. For example, downloading the github master banch as zip, I see all images from type of elements sub-files. At the tuxfamily source I am not getting the files in the documents. At preferences chapter I also see the same issue

I do not know if there is any problem during syncronization or at the server, downloading as zip from github all is inside and working


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Is it not better to keep the version 0.7 at directory 0.7 and add a new directory named manual_0.8? or, an idea that i like more, publish two different versions of documentation:
- Latest release (currently 0.7)
- Develop version (currently 0.8)

The 0.7 version can be found at branch 0.7.1 from github and the master branch is the latest (develop version).

Additionally, i would like to inform that the build files from tuxfamily are actually mixed. You can find some html from QElectroTech 0.8 documentation and some  of them from QElectroTech 0.7 documentation


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The documentation master branch has been prepared for the version 0.8, the changes already made have been indicated at ChangeLof file from the source directory. The html files from the build directory have also been updated.

The added information has been taken from the ChangeLog of QElectroTech source mirror

I would appreciate any comment to focus the time on the issues you consider more important/interesting.

Note: The pdf manual version has also been updated for downloading


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The documentation from QElectroTech 0.7 has been updated at github. The modifications are:

  • Documentation re-structured to minimize the size using common figures.

  • Official icons added in the images.

  • Documentation ready for internationalization, file structure and new filename definition (figure_languge_filename = "{path}{language}/{basename}{ext}") for the automatic selection of figures depending on the language.

  • New theme used (sphinxbootstrap4theme).

  • Forum and Home page links added to the documentation menu.

  • Some grammatical corrections.

  • Some new information added

  • pdf version created and download link added to index page.

Hello everybody,

I have been searching for the best option for internationalization of the documentation, I have discovered how to define the file name from the figures of the project at conf.py file.

I have defined and tested the following configuration for filename variable:

figure_languge_filename = "{path}{language}/{basename}{ext}"

I will re-structurate the documentation for a final test and once it is made and I see the result, I will inform you to discuss the update of the documentation.

I have seen some small modifications at the release version, I will also use the re-structuration to update the changes.

What is the decision about the future version 0.8? I would like to know what will be changed to do not spend too much effors on those issues.

Laure, I have github profile


As propose, EPLAN help system has a nice documentation interface. Learning how the toctree can be exported and readed by php file to generate a dynamic tree would be nice. Generating a sphinx template is also an option. I still do not know how a sphinx template can be made.


In reference on how to proceed on the documentation, using my short experinece on sphinx I would like to expose my opinion.

Option 1: Using function gettext from sphinx (.pot files)

This option I like when a manual is ready and should be tanslated. Today QElectroTech documentation is not ready, the documentation is in continuous development.

This function collects all translatable strings except the text from the screenshots of QElectroTech. For the user would be nice if the screeshots from the different menus and messages are also on the language form the manual.

Option 2: Using one sphinx "project" for all languages (.rst files)

Sphinx can generate problems if the tree is too long. After some language we may have some problems when we build the manual.

This option allows dividing the screenshots in two different ways to reduce the documentation size, icons and images which will be common for all languages and menu screenshots which will be different for each language.

Option 3: Using a different sphinx "project" for each language (.rst files)

This option means one project for each language, all of them with the same structure. The size of the documentation will be bigger than the rest of options. The management of this propose will may not be easy if the team is big, each language may will be develloped different without a master.

At this option, the php code from the QET web which is in development will manage the project language which should be displayed.

Regarding to the platform which should be used for the documentation, is there any repository platform where the modification of files can be made using only the Internet navigator? On person is responsible of managing the build source but all the rest of the team can modify the source fiels locally or using the navigator. I know github as option.


Can we see somewhere what the people is voting?

See what the community wants is interesting