Re: Traduction, manuals and QET internationalization.

Nice! It may be easier for you than ssh +svn.
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If you need I can transfer ownership to you.

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Re: Traduction, manuals and QET internationalization.

Hello everybody,

I have been searching for the best option for internationalization of the documentation, I have discovered how to define the file name from the figures of the project at file.

I have defined and tested the following configuration for filename variable:

figure_languge_filename = "{path}{language}/{basename}{ext}"

I will re-structurate the documentation for a final test and once it is made and I see the result, I will inform you to discuss the update of the documentation.

I have seen some small modifications at the release version, I will also use the re-structuration to update the changes.

What is the decision about the future version 0.8? I would like to know what will be changed to do not spend too much effors on those issues.