Topic: Error Launching qet_tb_generator plugin

        QElectroTech is a great program and seems easy to use - however I am struggling with the tb generator plugin.

I have tried installed versions and portable versions of QET, installed various versions of python, installed Visio complete with python, done all the pip install and python -m commands as listed on the error popup.

I am an admin user and have also ran dos box as admin - BTW PC is W10 1909 i5 CPU, 16Gb RAM and good SSD hard drive.

I have read the forum to try and resolve the issue and failed.

I would be grateful if some kind person could show me where i am going wrong.



Re: Error Launching qet_tb_generator plugin


open the 0.8-dev ReadyToUse portable QET application and just put in the portable plugin qet_tb_generator.exe.
To check If you click on qet_tb_generator.exe it should get started, after launch plugin by QET menu.

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Re: Error Launching qet_tb_generator plugin

Hi scorpio810,
                     Thanks for the speedy reply, I have removed all instances of Visio, python and QET files. Downloaded the portable from the nightly as suggested, I still receive the same pop up within QET when i try and Project>Launch the Terminal Block Creation Plugin
If I then double click on qet_tb_generator.exe I am faced with a larger box with the option to "create terminal blocks" as per 2nd error attachment, within the dos box shows an error as per attachment 3rd error. after closing and restarting I now receive errors as per attachments 1 & 2, then when clicking on create terminal blocks it pop up a box "Choose terminal blocks to generate" Accept. When I accept  attachment 2 error still remains. Attachment 3 will also show my directory path.

I guess I must be missing a step somewhere but dont understand where?

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Re: Error Launching qet_tb_generator plugin

2nd error

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Re: Error Launching qet_tb_generator plugin

3rd error

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Re: Error Launching qet_tb_generator plugin

This attachment give a view of the choose terminal blocks to generate popup

Hopefully this will identify what i am missing?

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Re: Error Launching qet_tb_generator plugin

For running plugin need a finished project. !