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Topic: Documentation QElectroTech 0.7


The documentation from QElectroTech 0.7 has been updated at github. The modifications are:

  • Documentation re-structured to minimize the size using common figures.

  • Official icons added in the images.

  • Documentation ready for internationalization, file structure and new filename definition (figure_languge_filename = "{path}{language}/{basename}{ext}") for the automatic selection of figures depending on the language.

  • New theme used (sphinxbootstrap4theme).

  • Forum and Home page links added to the documentation menu.

  • Some grammatical corrections.

  • Some new information added

  • pdf version created and download link added to index page.

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Hi Fernando,

good work, thanks.
The Online documentation from QElectroTech 0.7 has been synced.

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Thanks a lot for this good work.

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Great, many thanks nomicons/smile