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Topic: qet_translate

Hello scorpio810 and everyone!

In the meantime, I've pretty much finished the pneumatic symbols and
am currently entering the translation for all components.

As you may have noticed, this is terribly tedious and
time-consuming work (euphemistically paraphrased).
Being a practical person, I made myself a tool for translating all these texts.

The program can be downloaded from here:

The folder contains a PDF file with the instructions.
Currently the program can do two jobs:
1) Perform translation and save the data in a 'qet_directory' file for labeling the folders in QElectroTech.
2) Perform translation and copy the data to the computer's clipboard.
The content of the clipboard must then be placed in the element file *.elmt between the tags


I am already aware that an automatic translation does not come close to the quality of a native speaker.
This is particularly difficult in the technical area. But at the moment we don't have many translations
for the elements, so QElectroTech won't be widely used.

Check this out to see if it's useful. This is a Win32 version, but runs fine on Win10 64.
I can also offer a Linux version for Ubuntu 20.04 GTK2.
If the program is used, I will extend the functionality and the translations can be written directly into the *.elmt file.

If you have any suggestions, requests or complaints, please post them here.

I wish you all a nice evening!


Re: qet_translate

Hello Vbxler,
I just read the pdf, but it look very good nomicons/smile. I will probably test your translator this week end.
I've got a question : in case I like your software (who is probably write with the gtk toolkit (in C ?)), can you rewrite it in c++ with Qt ? If yes I can embedded it directly in QElectroTech (of course with your approbation).

Développeur QElectroTech

Re: qet_translate

Hello Vbxier,

wow, great tool,
and thanks for your contribution. ;-)

The translations are retrieved from
‚Google Translate’ and entered in
the third column.

Maybe you could use https://www.deepl.com/ for translate principal languages, I think is better than Google :
https://translatepress.com/deepl-vs-goo … omparison/

If you publish source code maybe someone can port it directly to QET?

Best regards,

Re: qet_translate

Hello, everyone,

Thanks for pointing out DeepL Translator. I didn't know this one,
but it seems to have a very limited range of languages.

I develop my applications with Objectiv Pascal and have the possibility to compile to QT5.
If you want it fully integrated into QET, someone will have to program it in C++.
I can give you the pascal files but that won't help you much.
The basic principle of the data query of the translation is quite simple,
it just takes a lot of work to program it all.

If you can live with a standalone application, I can compile it for QT5.
Perhaps qet_translate can be called from within QET.

With my current level of knowledge, I would made the application as shown in the graphic.
Given the current situation with the few translations, this would have the advantage
that I would not have to open every component for editing and then edit the translation.

But there's no rush, let me know how you want to do it.

Happy April 1st!

(The email was not a joke)

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Re: qet_translate

If you can live with a standalone application, I can compile it for QT5.
Perhaps qet_translate can be called from within QET.

Hello Vbxier,

yes like DXFtoQET and qet_tb_generator external plugin was called by QET.
https://github.com/qelectrotech/qelectr … .cpp#L1309
https://github.com/qelectrotech/qelectr … .cpp#L2328

I can give you the pascal files but that won't help you much.

Even if I have no knowledge of Pascal, offering the source code is a guarantee of the security of free software .

Bruce Schneier said:
"As an expert in cryptography and computer security, I have never understood the current fuss about the open-source software movement. In the crypto world, we see open-source as necessary for good security; and have for decades. Public security is always more secure than proprietary security. This is true for encryption algorithms, security protocols and source code. For us, open source is not just a business model; it is an intelligent engineering practice.

I can also offer a Linux version for Ubuntu 20.04 GTK2.

I saw no GTK2 in archive.

Re: qet_translate


I am also coding in Lazarus/Freepascal. I could be of some help if needed.

Re: qet_translate

I tried qet_translate_linux64, it 's work great, thanks.

For translation, select source language to English is better than French.

Example French bobine :

        <name lang="ar">بكرة</name>
        <name lang="ca">rodet</name>
        <name lang="cs">role</name>
        <name lang="da">rulle</name>
        <name lang="de">Spule</name>
        <name lang="el">καρούλι</name>
        <name lang="en">reel</name>
        <name lang="es">carrete</name>
        <name lang="fr">bobine</name>
        <name lang="hr">kolut</name>
        <name lang="hu">orsó</name>
        <name lang="it">bobina</name>
        <name lang="ja">リール</name>
        <name lang="mn">ороомог</name>
        <name lang="nb">hjul</name>
        <name lang="nl">haspel</name>
        <name lang="pl">rolka</name>
        <name lang="pt">carretel</name>
        <name lang="pt_br">carretel</name>
        <name lang="ro">tambur</name>
        <name lang="ru">катушка</name>
        <name lang="sl">kolut</name>
        <name lang="sr">колут</name>
        <name lang="tr">makara</name>

English coil :

        <name lang="ar">لفه</name>
        <name lang="ca">bobina</name>
        <name lang="cs">cívka</name>
        <name lang="da">spole</name>
        <name lang="de">Spule</name>
        <name lang="el">σπείρα</name>
        <name lang="en">coil</name>
        <name lang="es">bobina</name>
        <name lang="fr">bobine</name>
        <name lang="hr">zavojnica</name>
        <name lang="hu">tekercs</name>
        <name lang="it">bobina</name>
        <name lang="ja">コイル</name>
        <name lang="mn">ороомог</name>
        <name lang="nb">Spole</name>
        <name lang="nl">spoel</name>
        <name lang="pl">cewka</name>
        <name lang="pt">bobina</name>
        <name lang="pt_br">bobina</name>
        <name lang="ro">bobina</name>
        <name lang="ru">катушка</name>
        <name lang="sl">tuljava</name>
        <name lang="sr">калем</name>
        <name lang="tr">bobin</name>


Re: qet_translate

The dialog for saving the qet_directory file always returns where the program is installed.

A workaround is to place the executable in the git working directory.


cat qet_translate.ini

Re: qet_translate

Hello, everyone,

I fixed the problem with the path.

A small extension that company names or type information are not translated.
In this case, a nonsense comes out:

Here the company name is not translated:

It can be loaded from the address in the first posting.

All the best


Re: qet_translate

Nice, thanks.

Re: qet_translate

I found a bug and it's already updated.

Re: qet_translate


Re: qet_translate

ps: When the definition of the tag name is the same in several languages, it is not useful to add other flags, as "en" works for all languages if it is the only tag.
+    <names>
+        <name lang="ru">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="pl">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="nb">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="sr">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="en">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="el">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="es">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="ja">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="nl">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="fr">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="ro">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="de">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="pt">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="it">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="cs">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="ar">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="hr">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="da">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="sl">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="ca">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="be">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="tr">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="hu">flb3205_gsm</name>
+        <name lang="mn">flb3205_gsm</name>
+    </names>
+    <elementInformations>

Prefer :

          <name lang="en">flb3205_gsm</name>

Re: qet_translate

Thanks for the hint, I will change it.

Re: qet_translate

Improved version of qet_translate.
Download from the first posting.

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Re: qet_translate

Nice work, thanks Vbxler. ;-)

Re: qet_translate

Also added to our repository on the servers:
https://download.tuxfamily.org/qet/buil … translate/

Edit : added description and links on main download page:

Hello Vbxler,

maybe if you send me sources files and how to compile it, I can try to build a macOS bundle or executable.