Preliminary note for Windows users

If by chance you don't have what is necessary to uncompress a ZIP archive, you can use the 7-zip software.

[2015] Version 0.5

[27/11/2015] Version 0.5

Previous versions

[20/02/2015] Version 0.4

[20130928] 0.3 version

[2010-03-13] 0.22 version

[2010-03-05] 0.21 version

[2009-06-27] 0.2 version

[2008-08-31] 0.11 version

[2008-03-09] 0.1 version

Development version

QElectrotech developpement is not stopped at the stable version above. It continues in the Subversion repository of the project.


Builds of this development version can be found in the QElectroTech repository (also accessible via FTP). Get into the builds/ directory and choose the most recent date to see the associated builds. For Windows, they are generally Installer and readytouse To Use builds: uncompress and execute.

Get the latest development version of QElectroTech


MAC OS X packages kindly provided by Yoann


deb unstable main

PPA Ubuntu/Mint, etc.

Nightly PPA for Xenial (16.04), Wily (15.10), Vivid (15.04) and Trusty (14.04)

Nightly auto builder Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS

Nightly auto builder for Fedora / RHEL and CentOS 7 (SVN snapshot)


Gentoo ebuild kindly provided by Pesa (qelectrotech-9999.ebuild)


If no build exists for your system/architecture, you can (bravely) follow the procedure described on this page: Documentation: Test the current development version

Element DXF Converter

The converter element is a small utility that converts a DXF element to a elmt element.