Good afternoon. Avast antivirus has this problem. On versions 0.8 and 0.9 and 0.100, it is not possible to save the project to a PDF file, and on version 0.7, it is possible to save to PDF, but not to print. For now, the only solution is to remove the antivirus or print it on another computer that does not have this antivirus.

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 I installed a new version. There were no problems with the conversion of the project. Backup save folder has appeared. Thank you all for your help.nomicons/cool

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Now I understand why I do not have this folder. nomicons/laughing I have now installed QElectroTech V 0.70-dev+svn5733. Now I have another question. What will happen when installing a new version with my library of element and how will the project be converted?Copies I have already copy projects.nomicons/grin   

Today I worked all day with the program. There were no errors.As for the directory, I cannot find this folder anywhere.:)Maybe I already became blind.

Checked appdata folder and there is no stalefiles folder. 
Event viewer shows this critical error code "0xc0000005" on app crash.

My setup is i7-7600k/16gb ram and windows7pro 64bit and just noticed that I have service pack 1.

As I wrote at the beginning. After this error, the size of the project becomes zero. I understood, that this problem is not only me.

The first time I was lucky that two projects were opened at once. I was able to restore it through the second project. After that, I began to make copies of the project.

Good evening Joshua.

Randomly. Last time happened today, when I wanted to do print project.I have a problem like christophe.lemaitre. In his topic, I attached a photo that happens to the project after this error.

And about the discovery in another project, this could be if you had another one open while working in that project. So I restored my project. But this is only if several projects were opened. If only this project is open, it is deleted without recovery. I now make copies.

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The problem with the error and the removal of the project remained. So my advice is to make a copy of the project. :'(

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I also have a problem like you. I already talked about this problem. I think this is a serious problem.The only thing that helped me, I make copies. The project is completely removed, without the possibility of recovery.

I deleted it from that folder I created in another one and then put it back in this folder. Then now it is saved in the project.

I deleted this panel, then I recreated it, but the problem remained the same. I guess I broke the program.nomicons/grin What do you recommend me to do? nomicons/rolleyes I think this is magic.

God day scorpio.
I understand the problem mainly arises from the fact that a lot of large-sized images and the project begins to slow down. But I do not understand why he deletes the project with this error. It makes the size of the project equal to zero. And there is no way to restore it. I sent you an example of two projects. One before the error and second after.

I reduced the size of my project. See if there will again be this error. But the problem with removing the panel from the project remains.

[font=ProximaNova, Arial, sans-serif][size=3] I have another interesting problem. If I add my panel from the library  on page. I save the project,close. And when I open a project, the program deletes this panel. Every time.nomicons/blink  [/font]

Thanks for the answer. It worries me that after this error, the project no exists. He is removed and there is no possibility to return it.File size is set to zero.

The only thing that saved me is that I make several copies of my projects.

Good day. I'm having problems with the project. I periodically get an error, it closes the project and completely removes it. And more than the project is not possible to revive. Photos in the app.