0000280: [Diagram Editor] Bornes de connections visuellement fausses
0000274: [Diagram Editor] Crash when moving elements using keyboard
0000262: [Element Editor] Qt::Key_Space not work to rotate terminal on the fly before placing it in the drawing (black_sun_2012)
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Version de développement issue d'une branche de développement alternative du dépôt Subversion.
0000035: [website] surchage cpu (xavier)
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Version de développement issue du tronc commun du dépôt Subversion
0000208: [website] SpinEdits for Text-Paramters lose focus after every pressed key (black_sun)
0000228: [website] crash with overlapping element connection (black_sun)
0000212: [website] Element editor shows wrong source of text on folio references (black_sun)
0000209: [website] Possibility to delete restore file (black_sun)
0000063: [website] use enum QKeySequence::StandardKey instead of manual hotkey strings like "Ctrl+Q"
0000077: [website] Missing translations (minor) (scorpio810)
0000162: [website] Missing translation
0000182: [website] incorrect translations in titleblocks
0000219: [website] Missing transalation French -> German (black_sun)
0000062: [website] Erreur de création de librairie avec QT 4.8.4 (scorpio810)
0000069: [website] don't compile v0.3a and v0.3b
0000071: [website] install latest qelectrotech on ubuntu 14.04
0000073: [website] Virus or false positive ? (scorpio810)
0000151: [website] V0.7 Nomenclature missing Command Number column (black_sun)
0000195: [website] Resizing of border line of software
0000204: [website] Unable to print in QElectroTech-0.80-DEV_x86_64-win64+git6824-1 (black_sun)
0000225: [website] Arrow Element to link wires does not accept all data information (black_sun)
0000070: [website] Plantage qeletrotech V4RC2 svn3624 (black_sun)
0000072: [website] Crash when quit
0000166: [website] Make path to user defined templates configurable (black_sun_2012)
0000167: [website] Crash éditeur de cartouche (black_sun_2012)
0000047: [website] Bug in Bugtracker: Category is localized to french language
0000050: [website] gentoo packager is not yet mentioned on http://qelectrotech.org/contact.html : packagers (scorpio810)
0000052: [website] Labels of the page should not change with the Userlanguage
0000020: [website] gestion de la ram (xavier)
0000057: [website] RFC How to translate "éléments" and "sheme"? (jonasstein)
0000099: [website] English, right-click menu: Bring to front/back
0000122: [website] QET crash if closing element editor while text is in editing (black_sun)
0000056: [website] Units should not be translated
0000149: [website] Add possibility to remove language entries (black_sun)
0000202: [website] Bounding rect des arcs de cercle/ellipse (black_sun)
0000221: [website] Editing ARC-center affects ARC-diameter and vice versa (black_sun)
0000197: [website] Arrows in the Element Editor on all lines, not only on the selected one
0000198: [website] Text input loose the focus after each single letter
0000191: [website] Las propiedades del elemento no se quedan almacenadas (black_sun)
0000199: [website] Text changes in the drawing area are not reflexted in the information area
0000201: [website] Line changes in the drawing area are not reflexted in the information area (black_sun)
0000203: [website] Changement de valeur champs position objet (black_sun)
0000142: [website] linked conductor not update if use autonum with %id (black_sun_2012)
0000118: [website] Autonumbering do not work correctly with links (black_sun)
0000127: [website] Yet another type crash when saving, with debug screenshot
0000131: [website] Crash when saving after editing folio refs, with debug screenshot
0000145: [website] Problem with coming and going arrows variable (black_sun)
0000083: [website] style/(translation?): Menu "File > Recently opened > " wording
0000121: [website] It should not accept copying a elements folder to itself. (black_sun)
0000124: [website] New type of crash at saving
0000128: [website] Crash when quitting r4823
0000132: [website] Saved OK, but crashed when closing project; at deallocation (?), debug screenshot
0000023: [website] câble
0000024: [website] Bug dans la permutation des schémas dans un projet (xavier)
0000031: [website] segfault
0000034: [website] surcharge RAM (xavier)
0000045: [website] Crash when moving elements through the elements panel (xavier)
0000068: [website] segfault sur deplacement collection embarquée
0000032: [website] Pointillés autour de la dernière zone de texte vide sélectionnée lors de l'exportation
0000033: [website] Problème de rafraichissements lors de déplacements / rotations d'objets
0000059: [website] setSuffix(tr("px", "unit for cols width")) should be setSuffix(tr("px", "unit symbol for pixel"))
0000064: [website] add accelerator key for &Undo (scorpio810)
0000157: [website] cmd-w closes all open projects (black_sun)
0000164: [website] Ajouter des variables pour le nom de fichier et son chemin dans le cartouche
0000205: [website] Export to PDF option not available
0000206: [website] %{saveddate} not working correctly
0000138: [website] changing language does not work
0000220: [website] Program crash on right click on a selected text in textfield in QElectroTech-0.80-rc+git7010-1 (black_sun)
0000134: [website] Crash undoing element place/move or conductor (black_sun)
0000165: [website] QElectroTech crashes with segement fault
0000065: [website] Fail to open project: Thank you for your patience (scorpio810)
0000084: [website] It always segmentation faults at normal shutdown
0000177: [website] Plantage en déplaçant les onglets rapidements (black_sun_2012)
0000054: [website] Label of a conductor is not free movable
0000085: [website] Translation, english; Edit conductor properties dialog have "Taille" instead of "Width" (scorpio810)
0000086: [website] In Collections pane, right click element, select "Open underlying folder" -> tries smb:// (scorpio810)
0000088: [website] Misspelled word in "Configure QElectrotech" dialog (scorpio810)
0000081: [website] Picture insert file choose dialog do not display *.jpeg files (scorpio810)
0000093: [website] English menu "Project" > "Export a nomenclature" should be "Export parts list"
0000094: [website] The "Edit text" dialog button "Insert line" should be "Insert Link"
0000098: [website] Crash when closing Element editor * With debug screenshot * (black_sun)
0000048: [website] date format (scorpio810)
0000053: [website] Save icons are mixed (scorpio810)
0000076: [website] Same text used 2 different places (scorpio810)
0000092: [website] "%id(%total)" do not resolve in project list nor parts list, but on folio
0000096: [website] Meaning is reversed in the warning of missing terminal
0000100: [website] Crash when saving * With debug screenshot *
0000107: [website] Here is a method to create ghost conductor that crashes editor when saving
0000113: [website] Clicking a wide element makes panels go wide
0000115: [website] Make master&slave elements xref clickable ( like folio referencing links are )
0000117: [website] Autoconnecting elmt from collection overwrites conductor network funct & tension with folio defaults
0000125: [website] Crash after moved element of element
0000126: [website] Crash deleting slave element and formula visible at master, debug screenshot
0000129: [website] Delete one of master/slave, move the other -> Crash
0000130: [website] Crash when closing project without saving, after deleting folioref
0000087: [website] Conductor labels should better be front of conductors (black_sun)
0000114: [website] Wish: Ability to set prefixes for custom collection
0000139: [website] 3x "not a valid widget" during compile
0000144: [website] Previous folio and next folio does not work (black_sun_2012)
0000154: [website] mouse scroll (black_sun_2012)
0000111: [website] Variables logging actual file saving would be nice
0000150: [website] monitor scale
0000168: [website] El programa se cierra de forma repentina.
0000170: [website] qelectrotech -v crashe QET (black_sun)
0000179: [website] Télécharge le code PHP au lieu de l'exécuter
0000079: [website] mantis bugtracker: registrations confirmations to my .eu mail fail (scorpio810)
0000080: [website] mantis bugtracker: malformed link in registration confirmation
0000213: [website] Problème affichage texte dynamique contact référence croisée (black_sun)
0000176: [website] Autonumeration conductor overwritten after undo operation (black_sun)
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Released 2009-08-15
Version en cours de développement de QElectroTech
0000026: [website] rev 744 branche devel 0.3 et Qt4.4
0000027: [website] FTBS on arm arch
0000029: [website] Crash après avoir double-cliquer sur un onglet (xavier)
0000018: [website] Pas de couleurs dans les éléments (Benoit)
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Released 2009-06-27
Version 0.2 - apporte le concept de fichier projet = une collection d'éléments embarquée et 0 à n schémas par fichier.
0000015: [website] Mauvais positionnement des champs de texte sur le schéma (xavier)
0000019: [website] Perte de nom de schéma. (xavier)
0000025: [website] Pas de paquet Unbuntu
0000028: [website] Paquet Ubuntu non disponible
0000002: [website] Mauvais rendu des petites polices (xavier)
0000013: [website] Mauvais rendu des textes verticaux lors de l'export vers une image (xavier)
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Released 2008-03-09
0000012: [website] QET segfaulte dès le démarrage en l'absence d'un systray (xavier)
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Released 2007-12-23
Première version stable de QElectroTech
0000016: [website] Mauvaise gestion des modifications du texte d'un conducteur (xavier)
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