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0000269QElectroTechElement Editorpublic2022-09-01 09:07
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Summary0000269: Copy-and-Paste: Position of insertion depends on what elements are copied
DescriptionGraphical elements (rect, circle, etc) are inserted at (x-position + integer offset), Text-Elements are inserted at an offset with float-number.
If a graphical element is copied together with a text-element, both elements are placed with a float-offset, which is different from the offset, when only a text was copied.

This is very annoying, because you can't fix this with the element-editor!

Explanation, screenshot and a sample QET-file can be found here:
Steps To ReproduceMark element(s) and press <Ctrl>+c and <Ctrl>+v and see where the elements are placed.
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