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Do the developers have any influence on the position where the graphical elements are pasted from the clipboard?

When I copy and paste individual graphical elements, they are pasted with an X offset of 30. If there is a text element in the clipboard, it will be pasted with an X-Offset of 30.6094 (as shown in the example). If graphic elements are copied together with text, everything is pasted with an X-Offset of 32.1094 (see example).

On the one hand, the different treatment of graphical elements and text bothers me, and on the other hand, I find it rather strange that the paste position depends on whether text is involved.

But what I find particularly disturbing is the fact that four (!) decimals are used here, which cannot be "fixed" again with the help of the graphical editor. Especially when (text) elements are copied and pasted several times, decimals are added, so that this effect is intensified.

If the programmer(s) have any influence there, I would wish that the insert offset is at least always integer. If for some reason there are decimal places, I think it would make sense to limit the decimals to a maximum of two. When editing polygons manually, only two decimals can be entered (at least in the graphical editor).

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Re: Copy & Paste in Element-Editor

In the attachment you find the Element-File.
I edited the element-file with a text-editor to sort the elements by type and added some blank lines for readability - no changes in position-values!

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Re: Copy & Paste in Element-Editor

Can you create a new entry in the bugtracker about this (in the description of the bug add a link to this topic).

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