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Hi Gentleman....
can I propose the possibility to insert the option to change the clear theme with a dark one? and always if it is possible to regulate the intensity?
it would be something interesting .....


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Hi, like this?

https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 1861#p1861

En clair: il appliquera le fichier "style.css" qui sera trouvé dans le dossier personnel de Qet, s'il existe.
Un exemple est fourni dans le répertoire: example/styles il suffit de le copier dans votre dossier personnel Qet.

Sous Windows:
Avec l'installateur c'est  c:\utilisateurs\ton nom\AppData\Roaming\qet
Avec la ReadyToUse dans le répertoire conf/
Sous Debian et autres distributions gnu/linux c'est dans /home/user/.qet 
soit ~\.qet


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Hi!I added this file, but nothing has changed with me (I really want a dark theme. Am I doing something wrong?


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Hi, where you added this file?

On Win10 with installer is :


After launch QET and in settings disable "Use system color"



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all is good! I dont disable system color) Thanks!


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good style ...but i prefer this in yuor previous topic
https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 97&p=2
it's possible to have?


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You have source on this URL, copy css code in your style.css ans save, after enable "Use system color" and disable again to apply new theme.


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thanks so much


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Thank you for making this style available. I've used it and made some changes in it to make in even more fit for me personally. I have some question though. Is it possible to change the sheet background in this css way. There are two options available (background color white/gray). I would like to change the gray option to show a black background with white grid dots.
Or even more interesting, to change all symbols in the sheet to e.g. yellow, all connections to white, all terminals to green etc.


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I don't remember, it goes back far enough in time...