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Topic: pdf printer

hi gentlemen,
i've a question for a default pdf printer
i try to find a command to change a print margins...
es. i need to put 20mm for a top margins beacose we use a preholed paper...but i can't move down a page from a top margins....where i'm wrong to do? or dosn't have a possible to set?

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Re: pdf printer

Hello elDrawer,
in the menu, click on File, then on Print and select PDF. In the print menu you will find a page layout option. There you can set the margins for the PDF.

Yours sincerely


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Re: pdf printer

ok, thanks but when i use a "print on file PDF" i can't set a margins.
i can only if i use a "print on paper" and after set  a one pdf printer on my computer

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Re: pdf printer

ok, thanks but when i use a "print on file PDF" i can't set a margins.

Yes you can!

"Stampa su un file PDF", then OK and then you come to the dialog displayed in the screenshot of Calypso.
And then click on the button shown by Calypso, a dialog opens where you can set the margins.

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Re: pdf printer

sorry but no, i can't...
i've do it but when i click on it dosn't open a setting page.....

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Re: pdf printer

use a 0.7 dev 5803. my system windows 10 64bit...
but also a previous versions have the same problem....


Re: pdf printer

Use "stampa su carta" function and choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer like this :

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Re: pdf printer

yes, i use it...but my question are.....
why if i have a option "print of file pdf" i can't use beacose isn't possible to set a margins nomicons/blink


Re: pdf printer

Note, however, a limitation for Windows PDF / PS printing: the Page Setup dialog, which allows you to specify the paper size and margins, is not available.

Edit :

And for fix HiDPi print render on Windows if I remember :
see commit rev 5242