Topic: Conductor's label blocked



À la ligne 884
 * @brief Conductor::nearShape
 * @return : An area in which it is considered a point is near this conductor.
QPainterPath Conductor::nearShape() const
    QPainterPathStroker pps;
    pps.setWidth(120);   nomicons/devil 
    return pps.createStroke(path());


En augmentant la valeur de QPainterPathStroker setWidth , l’étiquette du conductor peut être déplacée davantage.
Dans le fichier sources/qetgraphicsitem/conductor.cpp
À la ligne 891 ; pps.setWidth(120);
à  ; pps.setWidth(1300);    nomicons/smile


By increasing the value of QPainterPathStroker setWidth, the conductor label can be moved further.

In the file sources/qetgraphicsitem/conductor.cpp

At line 891; pps.setWidth(120);
to pps.setWidth(1300); nomicons/smile


Re: Conductor's label blocked

Added, thanks.

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