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Topic: DXFtoELMT converter

Some points to keepin mind

The goal is to let the dxf converter work on any version of ACAD dxf (the next version will work on dxf 2016)

Notposible :

Binary dxf files are not converted by the converter

Work around :

open a binary dxf file in a acad or other program and save it back as a ASCII dxf file

Not posible for the moment :

dxf file full of blocks (we are working on this issue for one of the next versions)

Work around :

Open the dxf in a acad program, and save the individual blocks (symbols) into separated dwg files with the acad command 'WBLOCK'

then close your base file and open the files created with WBLOCK

save them as a ASCII dxf file and open these files with the converter

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Re: DXFtoELMT converter

Hi Ronny,

I would like to say a big THANKS to you for the accomplished work on the dxf/elmt converter.
I use it sometimes, it works mostly nice and spare me a lot of time. I hope the converter will be someday integrated in QET.
Keep on the good work!

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

Only Draftsight can save in ASCII dxf file for linux users.

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

For 2 weeks, I received a dxf file from my customer and this was generated from Inventor (3D CAD Software) and the dxf/elmt converter worked without any problem.

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

Ronny now working to a new version of DXF converter.
I think that should be incorporate in future Qet release .

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

scorpio810 wrote:

Only Draftsight can save in ASCII dxf file for linux users.

Now I can convert dxf to elmt directly from QCAD (dxf R15), without the need of Draftsight anymore.
Nice nomicons/rolleyes

Adieu Draftsight nomicons/happy

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Re: DXFtoELMT converter


which dxf R15 you mean? Teigha or dxflib?

Can I find any instruction for the converter? I tried different dxf-formats to convert KNX symboles to elements. No success.

thanks for help.

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Re: DXFtoELMT converter


I mean dxf R15 dxflib available in the options of QCAD as I choose "save as..."
this menu:

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Re: DXFtoELMT converter


at this time, there are no instructions about how to use the converter.
What is your OS and what is your QElectroTech version?

The converter is not always a good tool to create symbols for electric drawings because you will propably struggle with scalling and positioning problems in the QET symbol editor.
For electric symbols, it is much easier to create them either from scratch or by using some elements available in the QET collection.
I mostly use the converter for more complex drawings such as overviews or mechanical drawings generated from a 3D CAD Software and converted to a 2D dxf.

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

In this quick example, I just installed draftsight because all manufacturers send only binary files (DWG), you need to explode all blocks part and export to ASCII DXF format for running into DXFtoelmt converter program.

@Nuri: I get much better results with Draftsight than Qcad on DWG.

No need to open an element like you see in the video, in the taskbar you could open element editor directly by right click, but not run here with KF5 (kde plasma5).

For running plugin in QET editor menu you need download 64 bits binary program here and put in your QET home folder :

https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 4192#p4192

Converter not create a hotspot directly, you need to re open this element after convert with editor for build automatic hotspot, add label and terminals if you need it.

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

KNX symbols in QET collection :

https://qelectrotech.org/showcategory.p … cles%2Fknx

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

@Nuri and scorpio810:

Thanks! Now is working fine. I forgot to explode the dwg-files.
The scaling will be still an issue. I've to scale each element before converting.

Do you have any idea about a scaling ratio? I cant see any scaling adjustments in QET like in a CAD software. That will be intersting when you have to place the arragment drawings into QET...

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

You could change your titleblock row and line numbers and size for increase or decrease this element in folio, or change element size in element editor like this:

Re: DXFtoELMT converter

Qcad version 3.15.5 (2016/08/22) Linux 64 bits

DraftSight 2016 SP2 for Ubuntu 64 bits