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hy every one

in my project i would like to put my elemnts in specific number folio

example motors and driver from folio 6 untill 19

input PLC from 20 to 29

so i need to give ofset to new page or add empty page because in crossreference i can't use the that i give to my page

can someone help me pleas

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Re: Folio number

Hi Gravino,

in project setting or in general config enable use folio number/label instead of their position ... … oject.html

Use %F instead %f in formula for crossreference, reports, etc. … tings.html … tings.html

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Re: Folio number

Hi Scoprpio,

thank you very much voor your help, you guys are doing a great job, i'm learning now to use QET it's powerfull

Re: Folio number


btw use "%id" instead  "%id/%total" in your titleblock's pages, otherwise you will see Xref like this "(folio_label/total_ off_folios)-(line number)- (column_number) etc.

So, is easy with ctrl +f in and then folio section to change "%id/%total" by "%id" in all project's.