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Topic: [SOLVED]Workaround for Summary - order of folio number > 1, 10, 11 etc


Solution; see EDIT #2

QElectrotech is great!

Tnx to developers / volunteers for the great / flexible Summary function introduced in v 0.8 - which allows to edit/modify the layout of the Summary. (makes the output even more professional and gives the software more generic uses, than being locked to specific text / columns - previously; Folio | Title | Plants | Location | Rev | Author | Date)

Tried to register for Mantis bugtracker to report the following as a bug (still waiting for confirmation e-mail)...

However, I struggle with the sorting / order of folio numbers.


Anyone figure out a fix / workaround for this?

Might give this one a try.

Adding the '+ 0 ASC' after "folio" in SQL request also results in correct order:

         SELECT folio, author, date FROM project_summary_view ORDER BY folio + 0 ASC, author, date

Have a nice Easter, everybody.

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