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Topic: Html comments, tables, etc

Hi everyone, I am a new user moving from Design Spark Electrical which is -or used to be- a small version of Sw Electrical. Hopefully I can make Qelectrotech my design program in the future.

I am having some trouble trying to "render" html text inside QElectrotech. Is there anything that needs to be configured to make the entered text show on the page like a table ? What I get is exactly what I enter but not a table.

<TR><TD>SECTION </TD><TD>mm² </TD><TD>mm² </TD><TD>mm² </TD><TD>mm² </TD></TR>

I have read the posts and also saw the Yutube video, but I don´t know what is missing. I am running 0.8 on Windows 7.

I almost forgot to add there is a "preview" of the table by hovering the mouse on top of the text.


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Re: Html comments, tables, etc

Hi, see attached screens:
Add a text and right clic -> Edit the text field, is launch text editor.
Now put your HTML code in source field.

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Re: Html comments, tables, etc

Hi, thank you.

So Drag´n drop works for other platforms ? Linux maybe ?

One further question, how about column size ? I created my table using google sites (though wysiwyg editor does not seem to be the best) but after inserting it Qelectrotech modifies it so on the screen they do not look the same.

Please take a look at my pic. On Google sites columns are wider.

I will look further into html coding on Qelectrotech but if there´s a short answer please advise.


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Re: Html comments, tables, etc

Yep is all platform,

after see HTML howto.
https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 5647#p5647