Is there a way to "export" or print to a pdf file, so that the links (cross references) are still active?

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I tried various things and I think that is not possible to create an element with two terminals and a base type of "Reference folio following".

I found in the QET Collection Symbols for cross referencing blank elements that can cross reference each other and I added this to my drawing. They are not connected to the element, but are solving the issue of connecting parts of the same component together.

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Slide references are created using the base type "Reference folio following" and "Previous reference folio" and I can not create a symbol that has more than one terminal and has this base type.

Is there any workaround so that it is possible to create an element with the base type of "Reference folio following" that has two or more terminals?

Thank you for the response and sorry for late reply.

I do not know what do you mean by slide references. Can you or somebody explain what are slide references?


what is the best way to connect a push-button to a LED, because this is one component (an illuminated push-button)?

If I make LED a slave is there a way to show on the master page some other symbol besides the switch symbol?

Is there another way to connect multiple elements into one component?

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Is there a way to rotate things in the Element Editor?

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