mAk wrote:


After using the software for an hour or so i start to feel headaches/motionsickness. It happens every single time.

Has this happened to anyone?

Thanks in advance.

Imo that's a sign that you are spending too much time before the screen.
I would like to advice you to do some self-examination and find a balance between computer-time and
social time/spending time outside the house etc.

Hammer1656 wrote:

Hello all,

I am trying to set a general data (who draw, who checked, where the installation is performed etc.). When I put them in the Project properties->General, they are not imported neither to the new folio nor to the existing ones. I have created my own template where I wrote my own %variables.

It only works when I set the general text in the properties of folio (or when I set in the Project properties-> New folio and this text ist then written in every new folio).

Am I doing something wrong or the function of QElectroTech is not like I am describing? Is there a possibility how to insert some general data to the title block even I have done the project and wants to avoid update of each folio?

Thanks a lot for the feedback.
Have a nice day.

Take note of the fact that folio variables overwrites project variables.
Sometimes you have to remove the folio variable to make use of the (global) project variable.

I'm starting to use cross references as well.

My question: in the project properties, I can change the cross reference properties for new folios.
Is it possible to make the references visible on existing folios?
I have a project, created the cross references afterwards on existing folios, the cross references are created, but I don't see the reference texts. Any ideas to make this visible?

Ah that's a smart workaround.
Thanks for the sharp picture!


I'm starting to use the autonumber functionality in Qelectrotech. That works very nice.

My question: do I need to setup the autonumbering rules for each project?
Can't they be stored in Qelectrotech itself?

A few week ago I posted something similar, about lagging of the pc.

Maybe it inspires you to find your solution.

I struggled around for some time but finally I saw what went wrong.
I really was thinking that the wished variable had to be in the folio TOO.
No wonder that these variable wasn't updated after I changed the value of that same variable in the project properties.

Anyway, tldr, as soon as I deleted the variable in the folio, it works like a charm!
The folio variable is - as I learned - overruling the property variable.


I have a project containing some folios.
I use a title block "a" with some variables in it, for example %pagename.
I have filled in this variable in the project properties.

When I create a new folio, these variable %pagename is automatically filled in, what is - of course - very welcome.

I have changed the language in my titleblock, what means I had to remove the title block "a" from my project en link the updated one "b" by creating a new folio, with the right title block "b" selected.

The problem now is that the variables in the titleblock "b" of my *existing* folios are not updated. This was what i was expecting actually.
Do I something wrong? Or aren't the existing folios not updated when reconnect a titleblock?

Hi Scorpio,

I'm still struggling with the lagging. I was glad to see you gave an link to a certain solution but it seems that the link is dead.
Can you please repost the link?

I continued to look for the solution. I think I finally found it.
In my energy-settings (Windows 10) I select the "High performance" scheme.
(Selected was: "Energy saving"). I also changed the setting by "AHCI Link Power managment".
Was "HIPM", changed to "active".
Hope this helps for others as well.


For some reason when I work with QElectrotech, it's lagging all the time.
That means I see the mouse cursor is moving, but for some reason the screenupdate takes a while.

It seems that this starts happening after a windows update but I'm not sure.
I already checked all my drivers, remove hardware from my pc, check drives etc.

Can it be a disk-writing/buffering issue?

Another question I have:
It may be very handy to make it possible to fill in a default location for the image folder.
When I wanna put a couple of images on a folie, every time I need to scroll to the right folder.

Yep, I create my own folder in the collection-list, every symbol I create to shape it to my own needs, is put in that folder. Can't be easier to have an own collection nomicons/smile

Thank you sir. I appreciate that!

Hi, Is this patch maybe already available?
It would be very useful to use the default properties for lines and squares.

I'm a very new user, this week I started to draw some schematics and QET works like a charm!
My compliments are for the team! 

I would like to suggest to add the function "edit multiple items".
For example: I put a lot of text labels in my scheme. If I want to change the font size, I have to edit them item by item. It would be very handy to select all items, then see the "font size" in the right panel to adjust the size of all selected text labels at once.

Another "very nice to have feature" is the alignment function.
Click on some text labels, press the button "align on left side" et voila, all text labels exactly left aligned.

But for now, Thanks a lot for this program. It's very useful. Functions are there where I expect them to be.