I think its temporary solution because why not grabbing information from dedicated fields in symbols?

Now users must delete this information in symbols from dedicated fields and make this info in specified tex file.

Its possible grabbing this info from symbol dedicated field ? Its planned ?

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I test numbering cables on project and i present problem:

I numbering cable format X:FOLIO.

Solution works prfectly but when i go to other FOLIO and example come back to the previus edited FOLIO the numbering start from 1.


Hen i edit other folio and come back to the 3 folio



I think to add to each folio "database" with actual numbering values for cables , elements tec. Then when come back to edited folios nubering its ok. And when each folio or project have this database file its no problem to make solution for correct numbering values when object was moved or deleted.

Sorry for my English.

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scorpio810 wrote:


for the moment you need to decrement index in the rule if you delete item with auto-numbering.


Its woulde be very helpful feature when delete element numbering was decremented automatically.
Or its posible to add option renumerate automitacally all project.
PLease implement this feature.


Installation its not possible form this movie.

I try install with pip3 and then package its installed.

But i must run this script from desktop schortcut.

From Qelectrotech start python package its not possible.


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I work on Siemens components and I try download CAx data files from Siemens site and import data (dxf and csv).

But it's not possible.

On Siemens CAx portal aviliable many formats to electrical software.

I try import some files but not correct results.

Someone on community try make import from Siemens CAx site to elm? 

CAx formats and a plan macros it's on many sites but would be perfect to import to Qelectrotech. Of course I know it's not simple.

And I have second question : someone have information maybe some databases symbols example from see electrical or others are compatibille to import to elmt?

Best regards and sorry for my English.

Welcome to All.

I try software and i think its the best !!!!

Congratulation to all comunity.

But i have problem with install tb generator.

Its no avliable to download package from python repository.

Can You help me to install this module  for cration TB?