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I work on Siemens components and I try download CAx data files from Siemens site and import data (dxf and csv).

But it's not possible.

On Siemens CAx portal aviliable many formats to electrical software.

I try import some files but not correct results.

Someone on community try make import from Siemens CAx site to elm? 

CAx formats and a plan macros it's on many sites but would be perfect to import to Qelectrotech. Of course I know it's not simple.

And I have second question : someone have information maybe some databases symbols example from see electrical or others are compatibille to import to elmt?

Best regards and sorry for my English.

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Re: Convert CAx data to symbols elmt


you need to choice 2D drawing or perhaps try wiring or connection diagram .. dwg format and convert to dxf ascii and after try dxftoelmt converter program.