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QElectroTech is licensed under GNU/GPL.
You are free to use, study, copy, modify and redistribute it under the terms of the license.

To build from source, follow this procedure.

Builds of this development version can be found in the QElectroTech repository.

DXFtoQET : Element DXF Converter

The converter element is a small utility that converts a DXF element to a elmt element.

Dxf2elmt : Element DXF Converter

Dxf2elmt is CLI program which can convert .dxf files into .elmt files. The program supports both ascii and binary .dxf files.

The goal of this program is to create a fast and accurate conversion tool to be used with QElectroTech.

Compared to QET's own conversion tool, dxf2elmt is over 1000x times faster.

Qet_translate : Element translation tool

This program is a small utility to assist in the automatic translation of elements into several languages.

QET_ElementScaler : Element scale commandline-tool

QET_ElementScaler is a commandline-tool to scale QElectroTech-Graphics with constant factor(s).,

or for mirroring elements "--FlipHorizontal", ""--FlipVertical", "--RemoveAllTerminals".

Qet_tb_generator : Terminal Block Generator Python Plugin

Qet_tb_generator is a Python Plugin utility to create automatic Terminal Block.

Download older stable versions

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[2021.02.21] version 0.80

[2018.08.23] version 0.70

[2018.08.23] version 0.61

[2018.03.06] version 0.6

[2015.11.27] version 0.5

[2015.02.20] version 0.4

[2013.09.28] version 0.3

[2010.03.13] version 0.22

[2010.03.05] version 0.21

[2009.06.27] version 0.2

[2008.08.31] version 0.11

[2008.03.09] version 0.1