Topic: Export DXF fail QElectroTech-0.70-dev+svn5627-1

Dear Qelectrotech Team
Im was using new version 0.70. I just want to know if the DXF export feature are not available due these version is not official released.
i can export to JPEG, PNG, etc, but when i send to DXF, the only drawing that was exported is the title block.

Thanks a lot for your help, and congratulations for you program.

I want to use 0.7 version because there is the feature to add to elements more information, like we have a database, with manufacturer name, part number, etc.

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Re: Export DXF fail QElectroTech-0.70-dev+svn5627-1

Hello Gamezgust,

thanks for the compliments, but we do not have anyone who is expert in DXF and who can review the DXF export code right now, and add new dynamic texts conversion. … atedxf.cpp