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I have a DWG file I want to import into QElectroTech. Its a 2D electrical drawing for a Horner PLC. How would I do this?

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DWG need to be converted to DXF ASCII format for work and can be converted after by  QET converter plugins like DXFtoQET or Dxf2elmt see download page for informations:

On the 0.9-dev Dxf2elmt can be easy installed:

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Hi everyone, I am new at Qelectrotech and I would like to import dxf file in elemt configuration. It takes very long to import because my file is 4MB. Is there something I have missed or could someone help to solve this issue or give me a right direction to solve this problem?

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you could share your DXF zip file here, for try?
You use DXFtoQET or Dxf2elmt?