Topic: echter SVG-Vektorimport

ich habe eine Frage, warum wird beim Import eines Bildes im SVG-Format die Grafik gerastert und nicht als Vektorobjekt (so wie es beim SVG-Import einer Logo-Grafik beim Editieren eines Titleblocks richtig gemacht wird) behandelt und dargestellt?

Re: echter SVG-Vektorimport

und! Was könnte es dir noch bringen?
and! What more could it bring you?

Re: echter SVG-Vektorimport

Hi scorpio810,

generally, for me, it makes sense to keep as much as possible all objects as lossless scaleable graphics, because we use a CAD like software and not "Photoshop" (I like to zoom in technical PDF-docs and will not find raster "stairways").

And on the other hand, it would be very nice if the symbol editor could import (and handle ---> snap & co.) native (real) *.svg, because it's a free open source file format (as far as I know). The qet-DXFimporter is not that comfortable and reliable as I suspected it.

But after all the things that are nice to have (I mentioned above), I really appreciate your work with qet and I have to say it's a very cool, smart and open source software, which I like to deal with!!!