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I am very new to QElectroTech. The first thing I wanted to draw is a circuit with a basic DPST switch (Double Pole Single Throw, see However, I cannot find it in the library, so I am blocked.

- Am I not searching correctly? Where is this element?
- Is it normal that such basic element is absent for the library?
- Shall I draw it myself? Or can I find it somewhere else?

Olivier (with QET 0.80c)

Re: DSPT switch

Simply type "contact" in search field of the collection, you will find what you want.

A doc to use QET : … index.html

Développeur QElectroTech

Re: DSPT switch

Or enter switch in search field ..

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Re: DSPT switch

Maybe that Element should help:Normally open contact 2 pole.
It is attached as elmt-File.

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Re: DSPT switch

@scorpio810: No, the word "switch" does not show a DPST switch.
@Joshua: Thank you. It didn't occur to me that it would be called "contactor" and not "switch".
@RedBaron: Thank you. After Joshua's answer, I found the "Contact power contactor", which I may use... Not sure why this is a slave type and who would be the master... I just need a manual DPST switch...

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Re: DSPT switch

After more thinking...
No, what I want is really a DPST switch, not a "contactor"... because a "contactor" is something different than a manual DPST switch.
@Joshua: No, the word "contact" does not lead to a DPST switch. The DPST switch does not exist in the collection. It is missing.

Re: DSPT switch … ch&sa=

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Re: DSPT switch

You can use the contact provided by me with little effort.
with the required actuation type.

In the last post by Scorpio810
you can see on the screenshot different
actuations for switches.

The operation of the Element Editor can be found in the documentation linked by Joshua.

On YouTube there is this tutorial
for creating elements in the
Element Editor.

Re: DSPT switch

@RedBaron: Thank you. I really think that such widely used element should be present in the standard QET collection.

@scorpio810: Sorry, you were right. I finally found it in the area that you pointed, it is called "Conmutateur bipolaire NO" in French, with the spelling mistake included!

- I didn't find it because I was searching for "switch", "contact", or "inter". With the spelling mistake in the name, I wouldn't have found it.
- There is no English description for that element, so the name was by default taken from language "ro" (the last one in the table probably). Isn't there a well defined fallback when the current language is not available? I think default fallback should be English (universal language today) or French (main language of the developers).
- There should be an English description for every element. Is there a repository to contribute for this?
- The link between the two switches of the "Conmutateur bipolaire NO" DPST switch is not drown in a standard way, is it? It should be a dashed line, as RedBaron and Wikipedia drew, no?

Re: DSPT switch

Same Problem as described in this Thread: … 318#p15318
Since QElectroTech is a non-commercial project and is created and supported by volunteers
such problems can exist.
For this reason I have created my own user collection which I am still adding to.