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Maybe I don't correctly understand how Qelectrotech works.  If that's the case, someone can correct me.

I'm working to create a schematic diagram and I have found that I don't have enough space on a single (default) sheet to fit one of my basic combinations (a PLC with selectable modules).

The default and other options for the sheets (folio) seems to be locked at A4 / Letter.

I would like to enlarge the sheet size to 'B' / Tabloid (11x17).

I can not seem to be able to find where I make this change, or how to create a user template that would support 11x17 sheet size.

Can someone out there give me some pointers?  Or, direct me to an existing sheet library?

Thank you in advance for your time,


Re: Setting Sheet(Folio) Size


When you click the print button, the Qeletrotech print preview window will open. In this window there is a page layout button, clicking on it you will have access to the page setup window. Just choose the paper model you want in the text box.



Re: Setting Sheet(Folio) Size

So, the drawing and the entities a scaled..

So I just need to drag the entities and make them smaller so they fit in the space provided?

Thanks for the information.


Re: Setting Sheet(Folio) Size

You can add rows and columns to your drawing as well as the size of the rows and columns (in page properties).
In the print area, the design can be adjusted to fit the chosen page or use the size without resizing by selecting (adjust to the size of the sheet) at the bottom of the print preview window.