Topic: QElectrotech and Linux Systems

can someone help me have Linux Mint KDE version 0.5 QElectroTech
have all packages that are described here in the forum but the installed version 0.5 will not install

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Re: QElectrotech and Linux Systems


Your Mint is based on Ubuntu 14.04, and doesn't support Qt 5.3.

You need first install this PPA for Qt5 libraries (Qt 5.3):

deb trusty main 

After use my Debian repository for "QElectroTech 0.5 devel"  packages have compiling with Qt 5.3 for binary compatible with your distribution:

deb stable main

This repository is the same but is synced with Debian unstable, now  make package for Qt version =4.5,  and GCC 5.1 is for soon:

deb unstable main

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Re: QElectrotech and Linux Systems

Thanks for the reply, I will try it directly times

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