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Topic: Problems with import


When i try to go from dxf to elmt, i get a file that is only 0 or 1 kb big. The file i cant open in the element editor later. I have tried on 2 windows 10 computers. I also tried the dxftoqet alternative and got a db3 file. What can i do with the db3 file after i got it on the computer.

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Re: Problems with import

you could send your DXF?

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Re: Problems with import

Unfortunatly i cant send the files ive tested with. Ive tried to go from DWG to DXF -> DXF to QET and DXF to QET.  I have tested many versions of your DXFtoQET converter. I have tested multiple dxf formats. I also tested to go from QET to DXF and then DXF to QET.  I also tested this file "ggmsb602test10.dxf" someone else here had problems with the same result. The elmnt file was 0-1 kb. My work now includes many edits of DWG files.

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