Topic: Text orientation (not saved)

When I change the orientation of the text on the wire label, the orientation is not saved, are there any ways to solve this problem?

version QE:QElectroTech V 0.80-DEV+265de06fed79751d3
Compilation: GCC 8.3.0 - built with Qt 5.12.5 - Date : Oct 9 2019 : 10:17:54 - run with Qt 5.12.5 using 16 thread(s)
OS : winnt - x86_64 - Version : Windows 10 (10.0) - Kernel : 10.0.18363

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Re: Text orientation (not saved)


just use "Space" key for rotate wire label, if you change text orientation in the widget when you select a wire, you need to move or modify your wire path to see label orientation new change.

Or simply right click on wire label and "Choose text orientation".

Re: Text orientation (not saved)

scorpio810 wrote:

Hi,just use "Space" key

Thank you very much!
Problem solved!