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Hi everyone!
First of all - big thanks to developers of this superb software!
It is way more easy to learn than Autocad, which will not be very useful for electrical schematics.
I have one small problem though. I am sure that it is because I do not seem to understand about mm to pixels or something.
I am planning to draw some schematics on A3 paper. For that I need folio of 1122 x 2245 px (297x420mm) 
I created a folio with 22 columns of 102px and 11 rows of 102px (cannot get perfect match, but very close.
I started drawing and in the middle, had idea to do a test print, and... my folio has wrong proportions. 

Is there anyone that can tell me what I have misunderstood?


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Hi Jamis,

draw your schematic like for A4, and try printing on A3 printer.
Columns and rows isn't for printer paper but for scaling element view in your diagrams.
What you see in print preview  is what will be normalhy printed, after try use the wole page option, or fit folio to page.


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As soon as I posted this question, I had another careful look in the pixel columns - I took wrong width value of 2245! Should have used 1587px. Much harder to make perfect columns x pixels calculation now, but I got a perfect match!


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Thank you for quick reply!
My country has a dumb regulation for titleblock - has to have perfect dimensions - this was the reason, I started this mess with pixels, milimeters and scales. When I become electrotechnican in 4 months, I will not have to observe perfect titleblock dimensions anymore (...), but now I am in school and if it is not perfect, I am in trouble. I even saw Russian collegues have made their own titleblock as element.


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QET isn't a CAO for make plans of scales like autocad , freecad, librecad, but for electrical diagrams.
But some people get there, e.g Nuri.https://qelectrotech.org/gallery/photos/nuri_schaltschrankaufbau_-_innenansicht.png


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  https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 6411#p6411 


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I am lucky, that I only need titleblock dimensions exact and not the drawing dimensions.
Screenshot from my schoolbook.


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nice. ;-)