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Is it planned, or perhaps already in the new version, to display a table with conductors, starting point, end point, their designation, function, color, etc.?

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For doing so, the element terminals will need some more functionality, as described in an earlier topic:
It would be good, while considering an update of these terminals, to think about the following:

Each terminal basically has to have the following fields:
1) Element code (inherited from the element). (e.g. 101K1 or 51F2 etc.)
2) Terminal code (exclusive for this junction-point of the element) (e.g. A1 or A2, or 14 etc.)
3) Location (inherited from the element) (e.g. +Field)
4) Installation (Future) (e.g. =IN1)

This will make it possible to easily find the exact connected element and junction-point for each connection. It might open the way to make custom symbols, by placing a shape (assigned as element-box). Herein terminals can be placed, witch automatically inherit the location, installation an element code from the element-box.

As shown in the attached screenshot, the element-box (1U3) has 4 separate terminals placed on (or possibly within) the rectangle. These will inherit the 1U3 code. They have a junction-connection with the numbers 1 to 4. Location and installation fields are empty in this example, so they will automatically be the same as the standard location and installation of the whole page.

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Re: conductors table

If I remember correctly, work was started in that direction, but a very very long time ago (Nov 2013), QET was not ready yet and the time eroded the rest.
Cf rev 2609, 2610, 2617, 2618, 2631, 2632
I was able to find the old patchs, If anyone wants to continue this work?

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