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Topic: 9.2.8.(C) Terminal tool

I am using v0.6 windows version of qelectrotech but I cannot see any reference to the terminal tool on the bar at the top. An example sheet I looked at contained them.(edit..OK I found it in the element editor, all this is new to me!)

Although I am very new to this program, I am also finding it difficult to number the cables automatically, is there a particular procedure to do this? (edit..OK found a video in the videotab on the top of this page, not used to this amount of organisation in a forum!)


Re: 9.2.8.(C) Terminal tool

Changed to win10 + very fast cpu. The numbering scheme sort of works (when you right click on the folio referencing menu - not shown on the video) but I am getting the following error message pop up after selecting which wire to link and that the two conductors become one number.

Formula Wizard

The new potential formula contains variables incompatible with the folio reports. 
Please enter a compatible formula for this potential. The following variables are incompatible etc etc



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You could send your project, or a screen?


Re: 9.2.8.(C) Terminal tool


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Enter a empty formula in the popup fix your problem when you link conductor to report folio.
Remove link an link your report again to save the same potential otherwise the potential is wrong.
BTW, conductors dynamic formula isn't the good idea for connect differents conductors potentials with a formula by report folio.


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donpanel wrote:

Changed to win10 + very fast cpu. 

If you want QET very fast ! do not use an MS WINDOWS operating system, but prefer Linux.
On my machine Ryzen 8C 16T NVME SSD QET launched in less than 2 seconds on my Debian and neccessite more than 15 seconds on a WIN 10 ...
It's the same for loading big projects.