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On the 0.10 road...

Add sha256 checksum file text for all new devel 100 build AppImage.
Improve ranking of remote AppImage files and folders:

macoS update macports environment to Qt 5.15.8 and rebuild latest 0.100 bundle
Update wiki for new OSX build:
https://qelectrotech.org/wiki_new/doc/m … nvironment

Check QET timed launch with 580,423 items -> https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 405#p17405
572149 + 8274 =580 423 éléments en 13 secondes ici sur ma Linux Debian workstation
21:45:03.947 Info: Elements collection finished to be loaded in 12.289 seconds

Rien de plus simple tu crées ton propre symbole:

Et non, ce n'est malheureusement pas encore possible dans l'export PDF d'avoir les mêmes fonctions que dans le logiciel.

https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 5857#p5857

Voir le sujet de Arnaud ici https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1561

Attention beaucoup de ses éléments ont été transferé sur https://github.com/qelectrotech/qelectr … nt-contrib

Bonjour Vincent,

C'est ça que tu cherches a dessiner?
https://download.tuxfamily.org/qet/sche … egrand.pdf
https://download.tuxfamily.org/qet/sche … stique.pdf

Le second exemple est fourni dans les paquets QET.


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Same here, the size and position of the elements are not the same.


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Terminals aligned to grid:

you see a lag in the symbol editor on your PC?

I just want to know if the differences in positioning are due to a bug or the position of the x, y terminals has been influenced by different operating systems, or display compositor, multi screen 4k/1080p like me.

/me: due to many kde bugs with multi-screens with X11 display server after standby or hibernate, I try XWayalnd display compositor.



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scorpio810 wrote:


it's me or terminals element isn't aligned of grid?
Maybe a platform problem?


In Element editor


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Thanks for feedback,
you could send qet log for see OS, screen, size, etc?

Hello Christoph,

see sample drawing as industrial.qet provided with QET packages, in examples directory.
Or get here: https://github.com/qelectrotech/qelectr … strial.qet

See : https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 048#p17048

Edit:  terminals not connected with conductors isn't saw by qet_tb_generator plug-in.


scorpio810 wrote:
tiz.meneghe wrote:

For these application I switched to kubuntu.
MAC is supportive only.
you are magical!


Yes, for MAC we need a C++ Qt developer familiar with this operating system. We don't have a MAC, I'm running it in virtual environment just to build and package it, my attempts to passtrough GPU for graphics acceleration failed and wasted some free time... It's already a big job for the packaging...
My old RX550 isn't a Baffin.. And I love Debian Linux ... for work and use all day.

https://www.reddit.com/r/VFIO/comments/ … re_0x67ff/
https://www.reddit.com/r/VFIO/comments/ … x_550_gpu/

I slightly improved my AMD Threadripper OSX/KVM and gained a lot of fluidity without going through the GPU passthrough...
Compiling QET on Monterey take ~34 s with CLANG 14 vs 32 s with GCC on my Linux host, is fine, but emulating an APPLE Silicon in QEMU is a hassle... and you have Rosetta2 which should work fine, without too much slowdown, if you have any feedback?
I'll leave that aside for a moment.


Rosetta 2
benchmarks is that some x86_64 binaries work even faster than natively on
previous Intel Macs.



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> Besides, Hackintoshes are often built when Apple’s own hardware isn’t fast enough; in this case, Apple’s ARM processors are already some of the fastest in the industry.
They are also used when one wants more cores than are possible on Apple hardware. If you want a build engine for a medium to large sized compiled language project, Apple has no options that make economic sense, since a Ryzen Threadripper will beat everything else hands down. The same is true of every other embarrassingly parallel, linearly-scaling compute problem.

In such cases, the "speed" of Apple's own silicon doesn't help at all.

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Hackintoshes from my experience are usually built as a low cost hobbyist alternative. Most people earning a living from a Mac will sacrifice speed to have stability and support.
Plenty of people who want MacOS but cannot afford the official Mac will use it instead.

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I need to build my software for macOS. On my Ryzen Threadripper running Linux, I can run a faster, more powerful KVM/QEMU version of Mojave than I can buy from Apple, while still having cores and RAM left for Linux.
I could afford to buy hardware from Apple, but why would I when the cost/performance ratio for an embarrasingly parallel compute task like compiling is so much worse?

on Nov 12, 2020 | root | parent | next [–]

Like the previous person said, mainly stability and support. There's no doubt that macOS can run much faster in non-Apple hardware given certain parameters, but if you want support and solid stability you would probably go with Mac hardware.

Creating a Mac Universal binary for Intel and ARM M1/M2 with Qt
https://successfulsoftware.net/2022/09/ … 2-with-qt/

https://blogs.blackberry.com/en/2021/05 … -emulation


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Hello Vbxler,

you are welcome.
Yes we are interested if you have free time for correcting some elements.

If you know a little Git and github please us send PR. ;-)
(is more easy to me to push a PR patch to offcial repository than send files here)

Maybe is a possible platform bug?, see :
https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopi … 375#p17375



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it's me or terminals element isn't aligned of grid?
Maybe a platform problem?



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Nice, I put it on Arduino directory?

Great! nomicons/wink
Nice titleblock!


When you click on the print icon it launch the windows print system and after you select the printer you want, you have QET printing  dialog which open to choose what you want to print, one folio, all, options, etc....

Just verified on Win 10 22H2 on my laptop.

Salut Mathieu,

ils sont représentés comment sur ton ancien schéma ces 6ES7 155-6AR00-0AN0 / ET 200SP), une alimentation 24 dc (réf 6EP3436-8SB00-0AY0) … car là je ne sais pas ce que tu veux faire au juste.

Je pense que dans le dossier Siemens il doit y avoir de nombreux éléments qui peuvent servir de base et qui n'ont qu'a être légèrement retouchés pour ressembler à tes références citées.

Une carte PLC est tres souvent dessiné en schéma par juste un rectangle avec les entrées/sorties numérotées avec des bornes, une alimentation c'est souvent représenté par un rectangle, etc..


L'avantage de l'éditeur intégré est qu'il est possible d'ouvrir beaucoup d'instances en mode édition sur beaucoup d'éléments en même temps et  on peux piocher et copier des primitives traits, rectangle, polygone, bornes, textes, etc en prenant des zones ou primitives d'éléments existants afin de créer un nouveau élément.

Sinon, si tu souhaites vraiment créer la miniature qui représente réellement l'élément tu peut te servir du convertisseur DXF2emlt mais faut d'abord chercher le fichier DXF (ASCII) sur le site du fabricant.

You could share this title block?

For tag
[img]url to server/image1[/img]
[img]url to server/image2[/img]

Btw, you can add more file in the same message.

Fixed by  Remi:
https://github.com/qelectrotech/qelectr … r/pull/244

BTW, if you have created your project with 0.8, 0.9 versions you can open your project, if is a example provided by us, yes some was old and need to be converted with 0.8 version.

Joshua can talk about it better.

Edit : Maybe is also this problem .. -> https://www.quora.com/What-is-greater-0-3-or-0-30
when we changed version 0.90 to 0.100

We want to fix with QVersionNumber see: https://www.ics.com/blog/whats-new-qt-5 … sionnumber
https://git.tuxfamily.org/qet/qet.git/c … 246c8e24c7

While it is supported by QVersionNumber, it is rare for software to use more than three levels of numbering. For convenience, the first three segments are referred to as major, minor and micro respectively.


Get 0.8 AppImage.

wget https://download.tuxfamily.org/qet/builds/AppImage/QElectroTech_0.8-r7124-x86_64.AppImage

And try to save your project with this 0.8 and re open with latest 0.100 appimage.

wget https://download.tuxfamily.org/qet/builds/AppImage/QElectroTech_0.10-DEV-r7784-x86_64.AppImage

Make a backup of your project before.!

Fix translations:
https://git.tuxfamily.org/qet/qet.git/c … 1ac94046e4


OOops, TY. nomicons/wink

                //Since QElectrotech 0.9 the compatibility with project made with
                //Qet 0.6 or lower is break;
                //keep float here for very old version
            qreal r_project_qet_version = root_elmt.attribute(QStringLiteral("version")).toDouble(&conv_ok);
            if (conv_ok && r_project_qet_version <= 0.6)
                auto ret = QET::QetMessageBox::warning(
                               tr("Avertissement ", "message box title"),
                               tr("Le projet que vous tentez d'ouvrir est partiellement "
                                  "compatible avec votre version %1 de QElectroTech")
                                  .arg(QET::version) +
                                  "Afin de le rendre totalement compatible veuillez ouvrir ce même projet "
                                  "avec la version 0.80 de QElectroTech et sauvegarder le projet "
                                  "et l'ouvrir à  nouveau avec cette version.\n"
                                  "Que désirez vous faire ?",
                               QMessageBox::Open | QMessageBox::Cancel

                if (ret == QMessageBox::Cancel)
                    m_state = FileOpenDiscard;


Hi Tiz,

please try new packages, I added more informations:
https://git.tuxfamily.org/qet/qet.git/c … f49ee5f4af