For information, I am working on adding English to the IEC 60617 collection in QET.
Edit (2021-09-20):  work done, see pull request #187 on GitHub.

@RedBaron: Thank you. I really think that such widely used element should be present in the standard QET collection.

@scorpio810: Sorry, you were right. I finally found it in the area that you pointed, it is called "Conmutateur bipolaire NO" in French, with the spelling mistake included!

- I didn't find it because I was searching for "switch", "contact", or "inter". With the spelling mistake in the name, I wouldn't have found it.
- There is no English description for that element, so the name was by default taken from language "ro" (the last one in the table probably). Isn't there a well defined fallback when the current language is not available? I think default fallback should be English (universal language today) or French (main language of the developers).
- There should be an English description for every element. Is there a repository to contribute for this?
- The link between the two switches of the "Conmutateur bipolaire NO" DPST switch is not drown in a standard way, is it? It should be a dashed line, as RedBaron and Wikipedia drew, no?

After more thinking...
No, what I want is really a DPST switch, not a "contactor"... because a "contactor" is something different than a manual DPST switch.
@Joshua: No, the word "contact" does not lead to a DPST switch. The DPST switch does not exist in the collection. It is missing.

@scorpio810: No, the word "switch" does not show a DPST switch.
@Joshua: Thank you. It didn't occur to me that it would be called "contactor" and not "switch".
@RedBaron: Thank you. After Joshua's answer, I found the "Contact power contactor", which I may use... Not sure why this is a slave type and who would be the master... I just need a manual DPST switch...


I am very new to QElectroTech. The first thing I wanted to draw is a circuit with a basic DPST switch (Double Pole Single Throw, see However, I cannot find it in the library, so I am blocked.

- Am I not searching correctly? Where is this element?
- Is it normal that such basic element is absent for the library?
- Shall I draw it myself? Or can I find it somewhere else?

Olivier (with QET 0.80c)