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scorpio810 aren't you going too fast? we have not yet decided where to place the terminal name in the project file and what it looks like.

there is already a name in the terminal? It just needs to be filled....

if the terminal have a name in element collection then we can make the list.
Or am I wrong?


As example:
If you have a Beckhoff IO module and you have pin names like IO1, IO2,... you can easily generate a list which gives you the information wich IO is connected to which element without reading the schematic.
It should then also be possible to generate netlists for creating PCB's.... I think this could also be another benefit.

Is there already a build available?

yes, terminal names in the .qet file would be great!
I think this feature brings a big benefit with it. With the list you can easily check for errors and miss wiring in cabinets.
I can provide the tool for the list generation. I'm not good in CPP but a little bit of knowledge in Python is provided.

Thanks for the reply!
but it should be possible to get it from the project file right?

I had a look into the project XML file.
It was easy to create a list which element is connected to each other, but there is a big problem. There is no option to give names to the connectors of a element. Or is it possible?
Currently I can generate a list where you see as example EL3214 is connect via 3 wires to a PT100. But you can't see which wire goes from the EL3214 to the connectors of the PT100
the terminals in the xml file has an attribute called name.
Is it possible to assign the name some where?



is it possible to export a list which contains the information which components are connected to each other?


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