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Dear QET users ,

we are pleased to announce that after many efforts and thanks a lot  to the help and efforts of Max, you will have QET snap packages weekly autobuilded on

We had to trick and synchronize whole sections of SVN towards Github and learn to use Travis for synced SVN to Github.

The Snap package of QET is complete and contain also Raul qet_tb_generator and Ronny DXF converter. … b/branches

I let Max add more technical informations that can appeal to advanced QET users.

We have also added the Fernando Documentation on Github, it will be easier for external contributors to participate in its improvement and its translation.

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Re: Snap packages

The snaps are automatically built from master, which is synced from svn trunk daily.

Snaps have multiple channels that represent the risk level of an installation:

We publish daily builds (only if trunk has changed, of course) to the edge channel, so only install that channel if you don't mind frequent updates.

Every few revisions, a select revision will be promoted to the candidate or beta channel. Follow those channels for less frequent updates and thus slightly older revisions.

On release of 0.7, this will be promoted to the stable channel. Installing that channel will be the most conservative option.

Re: Snap packages

Thanks Max for additional informations.
We thinking push the release candidate 2 on stable channel.

Snap architecture builds : … git-mirror

Re: Snap packages

Howto install snap packages :

sudo snap install --edge qelectrotech

Run qet_tb_generator without launching QET :


Run DXF converter without launching QET :

laurent@debian:~$ snap info qelectrotech
name:      qelectrotech
summary:   Electrical diagram editor
publisher: laurent trinques (scorpio)
license:   unset
description: |
  QElectroTech is a Qt5 application to design electric diagrams.
  It uses XML files for elements and diagrams, and includes both a diagram
  editor, an element editor, and a titleblock editor.
  - qelectrotech.dxf-to-qet
  - qelectrotech
  - qelectrotech.qet-tb-generator
snap-id:      CEFA0rCgrd6XZ1w9fX4mZzE8jrbR7y6n
tracking:     edge
refresh-date: 2 days ago, at 15:08 CEST
  stable:    –                                      
  candidate: –                                      
  beta:      –                                      
  edge:      0.70-RC1~svn5934 2019-06-24 (5) 122MB -
installed:   0.70-RC1~svn5927            (2) 122MB -

Re: Snap packages

[justify]You don't need snap run.[/justify]


qelectrotech.qet-tb-generator etc. is enough.

Re: Snap packages … or/pull/34

Re: Snap packages … r/pull/200